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Couples Counseling – Three Tips To Help You Save Your Relationship

In this day and mage, people find it hard to find any time for themselves, let alone having enough mind and energy to sustain a committed relationship. The current rate of divorce in the country is astonishingly high and even more alarming is the high speed at which people now move from one relationship to the next. They just don’t stop long enough to actually cherish their partner’s true self and their personality nor do they make the required efforts it takes to make a relationship work. The idea today is to bail at the first sign of trouble and find someone else, someone better to be with, for as long as the relationship might last. The concept of true, eternal and everlasting love is slowly fading away into the background owing to the immense preoccupation that all of us experience in our fast paced personal lives.

If you too are worried that your relationship might be on the rocks, there are however many things you can do to salvage your love and the bond between you and your partner. Most couple counselors will tell you to go the extra mile and ensure that you do not let this part of your life fail. In fact, many people are now taking the advice of these professional couple counselors and making small but significant changes in their lives to help nurture the love they have for their partner. Here are a few tips that you too can adopt to get the most from your relationship.

· Rules of engagement: Most couples make the mistake of thinking that the way to repair and salvage their relationships is to avoid arguments completely. This generally leads to two people who bite their tongue until every ounce of frustration they are feeling just boils over. Instead, you and your spouse should set down some rules of engagement and then feel free to vent your frustrations. You just need to draw the line as to what will not be acceptable in an argument. This will lead to an amicable resolution of whatever issues that you two have between yourself.

· Put it down on paper: Most of the couple counselors advice that one of the best ways to communicate your feelings is through the written word. The benefit of writing your feelings down is the lack of interruption. Remember, your eloquent use of words is not what is being looked for in here. Just make sure you say what you want to say.

· Touch: When you have been together for quite some time physical touch often falls by the wayside. Your couple counselor will tell to ensure that your two find a time to hold the hand, sit close on the couch or cuddle before falling asleep. Humans are designed to respond to touch and this intimacy should never be lost in a relationship.

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