cyber bullying

Cyber Bullying : Create No Hate
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cyber bullying

The digital citizenship principles outline how to become a better digital citizen:

1.Know your online world: be curious, learn new things but be aware of risks and how to protect yourself.

2.Choose consciously: think before you act - the choices you make online can last forever.

3.Engage positively: what you say and do online can affect everyone! Avoid bullying, harassment and online abuse and learn how to take positive steps if others don’t.

For more information about the digital citizenship principles see the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner’s website:

cyber bullying

three core principles that responsible digital citizens should practise are:

  • ENGAGE positively
  • KNOW your online world
  • CHOOSE consciously.

By engaging positively you can help create a more positive online world. Knowing your online world will help you be cybersmart. Choosing consciously will help you embrace the online world.

These principles were developed following:

  • research into community, industry and not-for-profit sector views on digital citizenship
  • an extensive review of existing international digital citizen programs and resources
  • testing and refining of core digital citizenship principles with focus groups.