November was another huge month for ministry that we can't wait to share with you guys. As always, we really do appreciate you investing time and energy following our ministry as we prepare to go overseas.

There's also a special feature near the bottom of our update!


1. We just finished reading the story of John the Baptist with Duygu and Ceylan and we're preparing to read the story of Jesus next week! Obviously we're super excited and this is a MASSIVE answered prayer, but we're still praying that the Lord would remove their concept of religions being limited to certain cultures and countries.

2. This is one of the most exciting things the Lord has done in our ministry so far, but it looks like we will be starting a bible study with an entire group of Turks this upcoming week! To make a long story short, we met a pair of Turkish friends (Onder and Sevil) at a big thanksgiving celebration, and when we asked them to read the bible with us they both showed a lot of excitement and interest. Not only that, but they said they might have friends which might like to join us as well! We mentioned this to our other friend Fatih who was interested in reading with us and he said his wife and him would love for all of us to read together. On top of all of this, we invited our good friend Yusuf who we've been ministering to every week and he said he would be willing to join us as well! It's still sort of overwhelming to process all this but we can't wait to get this started soon. We're constantly blown away at the sovereignty and goodness of God.

3. There were a few different events this month that gave us great opportunities with Turks. The most noteworthy ones were a large international festival that was held in the park across the street, a mens night that David hosted in our apartment for all of the local Turkish men, and a big birthday for Duygu and Ceylan's son which had 25-30 Turks present.

4. The last big ministry highlight is that Fatih and his wife have showed a strong interest in visiting church this month so we hope to have them join us in the next couple of weeks!

Click the link above (hopefully) to check out an in depth view of the area we plan on living! You can click the "earth" icon in the lower left part of the screen to see terrain, and there should be an option to look at images that people have taken within the city!


1. That God would use His word to soften the hearts of Duygu and Ceylan towards the person and works of Jesus Christ next week in our bible study.

2. That God would solidify this new bible study and use it to draw more Turks into His Kingdom.

3. That God would use our remaining time in the states to equip us for our ministry and life overseas.

4. That God would actively work through the ministry of our future teammates who are already overseas.

5. That God would open the door for Fatih and his wife to join us in church.

Faces of Turkey