School Shootings Must Be Stopped

3 improvements that will keep our children safe

School shootings are a tragic, problematic societal issue that needs an effective solution. We need to stop point blaming guns and talking about implementing strict gun control laws; the children will find other means to channel their frustrations. The true problem is that the child has escalating mental health concerns that need to be addresses. The school shootings are a result of an issue that has gone unrecognized (or ignored). My plan addresses this issue with a three part solution that will make our schools a safer place to learn and help our children grow into valued members of our society.

1) Parental Interactions

No longer is a quarterly report card enough communication between parents and teachers. Parents may find it difficult to receive troubling reports about their children. These situations will be handled in a professional manner, using data from a mandatory mental health assessment to support their findings. Updates and communications between teachers, students, and parents will increase. These communications will include the results of the mental health assessment, feedback on the child’s social behavior, and support group activities that the child is involved in.

2) Professional Security Staff

A setup similar to airport security will be installed at all school entrances. Metal detection can quickly identify any guns or knives that are hidden in a child’s backpack or under their clothing. The trained security staff will monitor the behaviors of the students. Security will neutralize any violent outbreaks. This staff will be responsible for training the teachers in self defense and crisis management techniques. This program will be paid for by fund raising efforts and tax levees. The community must keep in mind that while there is a small tax increase, we are making our schools a safer environment for our children.

3) Support Groups

Establishing support groups where troubled children are giving the opportunity to express their situations and connect with their peers. Support groups and classes will focus on helping children work through mental stresses together with their peers. The children will no longer feel like they are alone, or that they are the only one having negative feelings. Participation in this class will not be mandatory; however, to encourage participation, the support group will count toward school credits.