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Come see the most important Greek contributions

Greek culture tour

On this tour you will learn about how Greece influenced us today. We will visit the Kimmel Center to explore ancient Greek theater contributions. We will then pass by Citizens bank park and talk about ancient Greek sports. Then we will continue to talk about Greek government on our way back to the tour center. We hope you will join us for this fantastic learning experience.

Greek culture tours

Friday, March 8th 2013 at 11am-2:30pm

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Please purchase tickets prior to getting on the bus. Thank you.

Tour Schedule

Morning Tour-

11am- Leave center to go to Kimmel Center

1pm- Leave Kimmel Center start towards Citizens bank park

1:45pm- Arrive at Citizens bank park.

2:30pm- Go to Independance Hall to explore government

3:30pm- Leave the park to return to the tour center

4:00pm- Arrive at tour center


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