How To Survive ZOMBIES!!

By Matt McCaskey

Which region to go in a ZOMBIES come

It is inportant to go to a good region.I think that the appalachian high lands are the best.The second best is the great plains .The worst is the rocky mountains .The appalachian has high ground flat tops (kind of) water and food.The great plains are the 2nd best because it has food water flat lands but tornados strike there.The rocky mountains are the worst because has high lands water but no food.So you would need to go down and the ZOMBIES will get you.

The Appalachian highland

Description From canada to alabama has the peidmont region. And oldest mountains in the usa it is old and rounded.It has a lot of animals like deer and water from rivers. Also it has berrys in it .And it has some flat lands

rating 8/10

reason It contains high lands and you can set up camp on top.There is food like deer. And rivers. It also has berries.And ZOMBIES can not climb well because they never use there hands.

The great plains

Description:Dry flat land and tornados stike there a lot.It has food like buffalo. And it has river and lakes for water.It also has berrys and plants.And you can see far and wide.

Rating: 7/10

Explanation:You can see ZOMBIES easily because it is flat.It also has food like buffalo so you can eat. And has rivers and lake for water. It is good for some shelter but tornados. It has berries to.

The rockies

Description:Steches from alaska to new mexico.Younger and taller contains the continental divade.It does not have a lot of food but has water. And the is plants but no flat places.It is the tallest mountain in the usa.


Explanation: It does have high land so you can see far .But not a lot of food .It has mountain goats but there is not a lot of them. But there is rivers so you have water and plants.Zombies can not climb well because there arms.And there is not a lot of wood for a shelter and flat land.

Zombies are not your friends

The killed a cat and will kill you.

Choose your team wisely.