Principal's Update

Emergency Instructional Plan for Remote Learning, March 20

Below are resources and information regarding NCCS Emergency Instructional Plan

Dear Families,

Thank you for reading this newsletter in its entirety, so that you are well informed on our Emergency Instructional Plan for remote learning and other school matters.

What we are providing to our families during these next several weeks, in light of the current school closure, is an exceptional education, not what most other schools in our area are able to provide to their students.

North Clackamas Christian School is committed to continuing our partnership with parents to provide an excellent education, led by qualified and caring Christian teachers. With only 4 days this week to make the necessary adjustments, as Friday was set aside for parent conferences, I am confident we are prepared to begin providing remote learning to our students on March 30, following the planned Spring Break week.

Our teachers are working full time to provide for the education of our students. They are redesigning lessons, developing appropriate digital resources for students, learning how to access new technology, and collaborating across grade levels to develop a coordinated plan, while continuing to support students to achieve grade level learning targets and standards.Teachers will be in continuous communication with students and parents through daily lesson plans, emails, phone and video conferencing, during this period of time.

Our goal is to ensure that students continue their planned course of education for the year, so that this situation causes as little interruption in student learning outcomes.

We need and value our excellent teachers, so we intend to continue to pay them as they work full time through this period of remote learning. We continue to try to stay ahead of the curve and foresee what future decisions may need to be made and plan contingencies. We will provide communication when any future events need to be canceled or rescheduled. At this time the Annual Auction will be rescheduled for later this spring/summer, and when a date is determined we will communicate that plan. We are hopeful that the end of school year activities will go on as planned, including graduation. Should we need to make other arrangements for such events, we will do so, where we are able.

I am greatly blessed by how our community remains strong, hopeful, relational, and determined to show God's love and be a light, during this unprecedented time in history. Thank you for your prayers and words of support to those of us at the school. We are so appreciative to have each other during times of trials and joy, celebrations and sorrow, good health and illness, loss and gain, and all that our life's journey presents. Join us as we pray for our community and country, for healing and hearts that turn to Christ. We stand firm in God’s truth, living in a spirit of hope and do not live in fear. “For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11)


Sherri James

How will Remote Learning Work at NCCS?

  • Daily lesson plans will be emailed by 9 am every day, Monday-Friday, beginning on March 30 through April 28. Assignments for K-12th grade are not optional, and will be included in this term's final grades. Preschool activities are not graded and are optional, however we strongly encourage continued learning and involvement through the resources and activities we are providing.
  • Teachers will send an introduction letter/email to parents by March 30, to share their expectations and details that pertain to their class and remote learning.
  • Lesson plans include all assignments for a grade level. Parents and students should follow directions regarding the details for what resources (book, website, workbook, etc.) will be used and expectations for each assignment.
  • Students should expect to spend every weekday working on lessons provided by teachers.
  • Teacher hours are 9 am to 3 pm, Mon-Fri. They will use this time to send and answer emails, hold video conferences, grade and record student work, create new lessons, etc. They are not expected to be on call 24/7, but rather stick to the hours noted. They have families and responsibilities to attend to outside of school matters. Please respect their time and support this expectation, and discuss this with your child so they understand as well.

We love our students and miss them greatly! Teachers are busy planning for Remote Learning, to begin on March 30.

Remote Learning Supply Pick Up Day

Monday, March 23rd, 10am-1pm

19575 Sebastian Way

Oregon City, OR

We will open our office during Spring Break on one day, Monday, March 23, 10am-1pm, for parents to come by the school to pick up needed supplies for remote learning. Our teachers sent most materials home last week, but have since developed long range plans for continued work at home.

In order to keep the number of people on campus low during this time, please sign up for your time slot to pick up any additional materials our teachers have set aside for your students. Not every grade/class has additional materials to pick up.

Below are the grades/subjects who have materials for pick up at this time:

  • Kindergarten (Math, Reading, Handwriting...Some have already picked up)
  • 2nd grade (Writing)
  • 3rd grade (Supply Packets and Art...Some have already picked up)
  • 5th grade (Bible and Math...Some have already picked up)
  • 6th grade (History, Science, Art...Some have already picked up)
  • 7th grade (Science Folder...Some have already picked up)
  • 8th grade (Science Folder)
  • 9th grade (Science Folder)

If you are not able to leave your home, and would need a home delivery of the materials for your family, please sign up for that here as well. We want to support our community in any way we can and get our students what they need to work from home.

If you are out of town, or not able to stop by the school on Monday, March 23, we will make available an alternate time on Monday, March 30, to pick up materials. Please email to make such arrangements.

We still have some Chromebooks available (while supplies last) for check out, should you need one in your home. Please indicate that on the sign up form (under My Comments) as well and we will have it ready for you. The required Chromebook Agreement is attached, should you want to check one out during the remote learning period.

If your student needs materials from their locker, we will need to access that for them, as we are not permitting access to the school, beyond the front lobby. Please indicate in the sign up form (under My Comments) what is needed and the student's name. We will track down the materials to have them ready during your indicated pick up time.

Need help with understanding Google Apps?

Our school uses "G Suite" for education. This is free for schools, and having our shareable Chromebooks extends the benefits of this technology easily and affordably to more students—with 24/7 support and multiple layers of security to keep students and data safe. Each student, grade 5-12, has been assigned a school specific Google email (GMail), and this is how they are connecting with their teachers. We strongly suggest that parents know their student's school gmail address and their password, so that this can be accessed and supported by the parent.

With G Suite, we have access to many apps that coordinate learning and working together. The following are some of the more common apps used by our teachers:

  • Classroom: Most teachers in our Junior High and High School (and some elementary) use the "Classroom" app for their classes, as a means to give assignments, communicate, and collect work. Here is a slideshow for parents to assist in learning more: Google Classroom Parent Help.
  • Hangouts or Hangouts Meet: This app allows for video or phone conferencing and presentation. Teachers may contact a parent or student to meet about providing lesson content and support. Parents and students may also reach out and contact a teacher, either by scheduling an appointment or during office hours. Here is a handout to assist you in learning more: Google Hangouts Help. Also, please review the attachment below on Video Conferencing Etiquette.
  • Forms: This app provides a means to survey, quiz, or complete work within a formatted document.
  • Google Docs: Write reports, create joint projects, keep notes, you can create and edit text documents right in your web browser. Even better, multiple people can work at the same time, you can see people’s changes as they make them, and every change is saved automatically.
  • Slides: This app is used for presentations. Students can create and teachers will share, using this tool.

Remote Learning Survey

Every Friday I will send out a newsletter with necessary updates. Included in the newsletter will be a request for every family to complete a weekly survey. I ask that you please use the link to reply to the Remote Learning Survey (one per family), providing us with feedback so we can make necessary improvements and provide assistance as indicated through this communication.

Make An Appointment First

If there is a need to come by the school campus for any reason, please make an appointment by emailing McKenzie ( No students or non-employee adult should be on campus without administrative approval for exceptions to the closure. McKenzie, Emily, and I, will continue to be available via e-mail for all needs that arise.

Resources for Enrichment Activities at Home

Visit these websites for FREE activities when students are looking for something to do:

Resources to Encourage and Support Christian Parents

Recommendations for a Positive Remote Learning Experience

Encourage your student:

-to start the day in prayer together

-to have a routine, and include breaks (eat/exercise)

-to complete each day's lessons sent from teachers

-to be respectful of other people in the home who are working

-to stay connected with peers through Facetime or a phone call

-to enjoy family time (play games, sing songs, watch a movie, make a special treat, write letters, make a craft, look at family photos, do a puzzle, ...)

-to use technology responsibly, and in view of an adult

-to limit interactions with those outside of the home while we all practice “social distancing”

A response regarding tuition payments

We would like to address some questions that we are starting to receive regarding tuition and what this will look like moving forward. At this time NCCS is fully committed to continuing to partner with our parents to ensure your children receive an academically rigorous education. We want to assure you that our staff has been working extremely hard over the last week, to turn their planned curriculum into a format that will work for educating your children remotely while at home. We realize that some of the management is falling to you as parents and we appreciate your partnership with us.

We aim to plan so that our students are allowed to continue their grade level course of study, and conversely we are afforded the ability to keep our teachers employed. This means that we are asking families to continue their current plan for their tuition payments. Keep in mind that tuition is treated as a yearly fee that is broke up over the course of the year in different ways for convenience, but that yearly tuition is allocated into our budget and is crucial for the financial responsibilities of the school.

We realize this is a difficult time and we are here to band together and support each other. Your partnership means a great deal to us and we value your family as a member of our school community!

Emily Clark, Business Manager

If your church does not have an online option for worship, here are several local churches that do.

Click on one of the links below:

Happy Birthday to You...Sending love and blessings on your special day!!!

Brielle (K), Elizabeth (PreK), Addison (4), Ayla (2), Clarah (6), Kinley (2), Kellan (PreK), Addison (5), James (6), Isaiah (5), Madelyn (2), Chase (8), Maddison (12), Millie (8), Tyler (8), Abby (9), and Connor (11).

Please share pictures with us of your family over these next several weeks, we want to include them in our newsletters and publications (yearbook, Facebook, etc...). Email them to

North Clackamas Christian School

During this temporary campus closure, our office hours are limited. However, we are regularly checking email, phone messages, and getting mail. Please reach out to us should you have questions or need assistance.

Superintendent/Principal: Sherri James (Ext 101)

Office Manager: McKenzie Falotico (Ext 100)

Athletic Director: Grant Nelson (Ext 201)

Business Office Manager: Emily Clark (Ext 202)

Front Office Reception: Beth Woody (Ext 601)