Pat's Delicious Foods

!Now Serving Llama Ca-bobs With Rice!


Wild Rice cooked to perfection with sliced tomato as a side. Fruit bowl including blueberries strawberries and pineapple slices. For just $4.00

Salads Anyone?

Tomato and avocado lettuces leaves included. Pineapple strawberry and blueberry salad lettuce leaves included. Only $2.99


Smashed tomato baked stew. Cassava soup. $2.99 each


Pineapple Juice $1.00

Tomato Juice $1.00

Papaya Juice $1.00

Water free

Main Course

Llama Ca-bobs w/ Rice $9.99

Guinefingers w/ Tomato Dip Sauce $9.99

Baked Dog w/ Roasted Peppers $9.99

Stuffed Turkey w/ Cassava $9.99


Baked Guava w/ vanilla $5.00

Chocolate Covered Guinea Pig w/ Strawberries $5.00

Thank You For Choosing Pat's Delicious Foods