WLE Friday Update

Friday, November 13, 2015

A New Perspective

It was inevitable. Being a mother with little girls, I knew it was only a matter of time before Taylor Swift would become a big deal in our household. The girls created dance routines and squealed when they heard her sing. My son is also big fan of T. Swift- secretly, don't tell his friends. This meant our family car rides evolved with Taylor's tunes and even I can be caught singing along, probably more than I should admit.

Recently, I was clicking through Spotify and came across Ryan Adams. I liked his mellow guitar and chill music. I found myself singing familiar lyrics yet listening to a new unknown song. Turns out he has an album, 1989 in which he covers the entire Swift album of 1989. I really enjoyed his spin on her songs and soon discovered my favorites. I had to share this with my kids and I was interested in what their thoughts were. They were also hooked. Same words but different tune, they quickly were able to sing along. My son was especially hooked and started to download more music by Ryan Adams.

This made me consider that by taking something familiar and making a slight change, it offered a new perspective. I love this idea especially given that we completed conferences yesterday. Sharing report cards and most importantly what we see in the classroom, gives parents a perspective of how their child is progressing in school. It's almost like a pause button- taking time to stop, reflect on student progress and adjust instruction based on what our students need.

I hope you will take some time this weekend to reflect and consider what adjustments our students need. Plan for how you can keep the momentum going and continue to guide students to high levels of learning.

Culturally Responsive Teaching

The Walled Lake Schools Multicultural Committee invites you to a workshop called “Culturally Responsive Teaching: Keys to Working With Diverse Students and Their Families” which will be presented by Dr. Jay Marks from Oakland Schools on Monday, November 16 from 4:45 – 7:15 p.m. in the Board Room at the ESC. Dr. Marks is currently working with several of the schools in Walled Lake on Social Justice topics and Culturally Responsive Teaching. During this workshop, teachers, administrators, and paraeducators in grades K-12 will learn a variety of strategies for working with diverse students and their families. Participants will learn about the components of Culturally Responsive Teaching that are designed to enhance student motivation for learning, while leading to increased academic achievement.

2.5 hours of staff development credit will be available for this workshop. Please pre-register through the Kalpa system by the deadline of Sunday, November 15 and RSVP to Veronica Fatura, Principal’s Secretary at Wixom Elementary, so we can prepare the materials for our participants.

Friend of Diversity Award: Deadline is fast approaching



The Walled Lake Schools has created an award to honor individuals who are true friends of multicultural diversity. We hope you will join us in an effort that will result in the selection of a FRIEND OF DIVERSITY. This honor will be bestowed on the recipient(s) at the district-wide Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration on Monday, January 18, 2016.

Our committee hopes that each school building will nominate at least one staff member, student, and parent or community member for the Friend of Diversity Award. Nominations will be submitted to the Walled Lake Schools Central Office administration for final selection. Nomination forms should be returned to your school principal no later than Wednesday, November 25, 2015.


Any staff member, student, parent or community member.


Any person in the community may submit a nomination.


Nomination forms may be sent or delivered to any school principal in an envelope with “Friend of Diversity Award” printed on it. Please submit your nomination by Wednesday, November 25, 2015.

Any questions? Please call 956-3432 for more information.

WLE Calendar November 16-20, 2015

MONDAY, November 16

Bus Duty this week: Miller & Gasparotto

TUESDAY, November 17

1:00 IEP ( EG- Stephanie, Nicole, Carol, Rosanne, Cyndi)

6:30-8:30 Becoming a More Connected Family Series @ Geisler

WEDNESDAY, November 18

7:30-10:30 Leadership Team Meeting (Cyndi)

WLE Thanksgiving Potluck

Hearing Screening

THURSDAY, November 19

7:50 EDM4 Inquiry - Ellen's classroom

8:15 65th Birthday Planning Meeting-Conference Room

8:45 SIPP Meeting- Conference Room

7:00-3:00 Reading Recovery Conference ( Cyndi)

Hearing Screening

FRIDAY, November 20

9:30-12:00 Kindergarten Field Trip to Outdoor Center

SATURDAY, November 21

7:30-3:30 Parenting Fair @ OCC

Looking Ahead:

MONDAY, November 23

Bus Duty this week:

9:00-3:00 Safari Montage training ( Ellen, Matt, Cyndi)

Dentists R Us

TUESDAY, November 24

8:30-9:30 P.M. #wleced Twitter Chat

WEDNESDAY, November 25

7:45-8:45 Staff Meeting- focus: creating staff profiles on website

2:00 IEP: IA ( Erin/Karen, Tara, Gwyn, Karina, Cheryl, Cyndi)

THURSDAY, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving!

FRIDAY, November 27

Happy Relaxing!

Walled Lake Elementary

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