News from the Learning Commons

April Edition

The New Doctopus & Add-ons Gallery

Doctopus and Goobric- Create Folders AND Grade with Rubrics- Within Drive!

Doctopus is a virtual copy machine for your Google Drive. Created for teachers (by a teacher), this add-on allows you to create class folders and individual student folders to share documents. By using the Google Chrome Extension Goobric, you can grade (online!) assignments submitted through Doctopus.

Here is a very simple overview of how to set up folders within Doctopus. For more information or help, take a look at the above video or contact us in the library!

Google Forms

You have probably noticed that Google Forms has added some new features. One that is handy for teachers is the ability to see individual responses as well as viewing them all together on a spreadsheet.

Why use Google Forms?

  • Too many emails with links to Prezi's, Glogs, online magazines or other media? Have students submit using Google Forms. All links will be in one place- plus they are time stamped. You can even embed the response sheet into onCampus for other students to view.
  • Give assessments
  • Have students sign up for group work, select topics, pick appointment slots and so on using the Form Add-On Choice Eliminator. When students select a choice, it is eliminated from the form so no one else can select. (click the puzzle piece to see all add-ons in the new Google Forms)
  • Forms can also be used to easily (and discretly) collect data on student observations. Set up a folder on your iPad with a form for each student. All student data is in one place- handy for comment writing or meetings with parents.
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Podcast- Listening to Learn

Wanted to share an interesting article I read about using podcast with children. If you haven't heard about, or listened to the podcast, Serial, I suggest you check it out.

Poetry and Art!

Thanks to Arnie for sharing this resource during our last PD session!

Visual Poetry is a web tool that can be used to turn poetry into art. Short stories, historical speeches, reflections- let your students be creative! (no student accounts needed)

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