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Anthropophagi Outbreak!

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Anthropophagi Outbreak in New Jerusalem

Recently, in New Jerusalem, New England. Dr.Warthrop, discoverer of this new pod of the species Anthropophagi, is very eager to take action, and eliminate these monsters. "I personally believe that these are their own species, and would like to name them Anthropophagi Erasmus. Dr.Warthrop suspects that the Anthropophagi were brought to America by his father, who attempted to domesticate them. This resulted in a whole ship full of people dying. Dr.Warthrop worries that the Anthropophagi will wipe out the citizens of his hometown, New Jerusalem.
Upon discovering this new "species" of Anthropophagi Dr.Winthrop immediately contacted his colleague, Dr.Kearns. Dr.Kearns and Dr.Winthrop are currently working on hunting down these specimens, and putting them to their final rest. Anthropophagi are a a monster from Africa, that feast on human flesh. Their heads lay within their stomachs, and they are highly agile.
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Will Henry, Accomplished Monstrumology Assistant

Dr.Warthrop's Assistant also has an assistant. Now, you might be thinking: "Oh, wow, an assistant to a Monstrumologist, big deal." But the thing is, Will Henry is only 12 years old. Dr.Warthrop took Will Henry in when his parents died in a fire, and started teaching him the works. Many people think that Monstrumology is no business for a child, but Will Henry is as fit for it as anyone. We asked Will Henry what he thought about it. He replied, "I am very grateful for Dr.Winthrop's services to me." Will Henry is currently helping Dr.Warthrop study the Erasmus Anthropophagi in New Jerusalem. You can talk to Will Henry at new Jerusalem and visit the Anthropophagi Erasmus.