Intense Sports

By: Juana Mendez

Are sports programs for children and teenagers too intense?

Yes Sports are too intense for children because you can get injured and have serious concussions, they are so into the sport that they don't focus on school, and also they don't try new things that might interest them. Also been in sports is a good idea because its prevents you from a lot of bad things. For example it prevents you from been in a gang, doing drugs, and keeping up in school work.

Injuries & Serious Concussions

"3.5 million kids 14 and under are treated annually for sports injuries and that number is on the rise; In half the cases, injuries stem from overuse, as pressure builds to play year-round"

"It's a scene fraught with overuse and even traumatic injuries in young bodies still growing and developing bone and muscle so much so that medical associations, athletic trainers and even professional athletes are speaking out against it.

~the number of kids having injuries each year has increased to a big number. Kids usually have injuries from and overuse. An overuse means you play more than what you should. Usually doctors willl be treading young people because of an overuse and would have serious injuries. Parents, and doctors are who are more worried for kids because your bones are growing and getting strong and by having a bad injury that process my stop.

A Dangerous Game

"An Arizona high school football player's death this month from a traumatic brain injury follows a report that says a "culture of resistance" in youth sports prevents many players from reporting concussions--and many parents, coaches and school administrators from acknowledging the well-reported dangers inherent in the game."

in fact some sports are way too intense for kids. some football players die from traumatic brain injury. a lot of young people under the age of 19 and under were treated in emergency from concussions.

Young Athletes Feeling the Pain of Too Much Play

"There is an "epidemic," John said at a news conference in Cooperstown, N.Y., of 12- to 17-year-old kids having his namesake operation because they are pitching too much.""The rising trend toward year-round play and overspecialization at younger and younger ages in all sports is putting kids more at risk for injuries, according to a recent study.""Doctors are trying to emphasize the importance of rest."

there are a lot of kids damaging very important parts of their bodies. either for playing soccer, playing baseball ect. each year kids have more work to do out in the field and takes more rime and more strength to be able to maybe even join a team. They are also more at risk of been injured everyday they step out to the field. doctor's tried to have them rest for a certain amount of time but because you love what you do you won't listen and will want to go back as soon as possible witch can be worse for your injury. parents thinks that because is hard and takes a lot they will be success full and will become a profecional in the future.

Preventing bad hobbits

"We often believe that getting children involved in sports will keep them away from smoking, drinking and doing drugs. Without much evidence, save the powers of distraction and peer pressure, many parents year after year accompany their kids to sporting clubs around town to cater to their practice times and keep them in one sport or another."

Its good to be in sports because that can often save you from a bad life or bad hobbits. Parents should often encourage their children to try sports. Go with them to their games and cheer for them but be careful how you cheer for your children. Don't talk to him about what he do wrong but what he can improve.

School and couches should required students to have good grades before they are in a sport.

"Athletes often represent the schools that they play for in a very public way. Balancing good grades with participation in extracurricular activities shows character and that you are capable of being well-rounded."

been in a sport and having school at the same time is very hard, but will be more harder if you can't keep up with your school work. Also when couches start to look at your grades they will notice that picking you would not have been the best idea, not because your not good enough for the game but because you don't care on how you are doing in school. Even for me was hard been on soccer back in Mannheim and keeping up with my work but what kept me from doing my work was the love i have for playing soccer, because i knew how i wanted to be in the team i worked extra hard to keep good grades just because i didn't wanted to be kicked out of the team. Is really hard keeping up with two things at a time but you gotta love school like you love what you play. Play as many sports as you like but keep in mind that your education does count a lot.

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