NASA Plant Project

By Andrew Moore

What's my plant ?

My plant is called a cactubloomer.
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Description of plant.

My plant has hollow but sharp spikes and it has flowers blooming out of the bottom and what those flowers do is they collect water when it rains. The flowers have a funnel shape so it can easily catch water. After the flowers catch the water, the water travels through the tubes that lead into the cactus and the tubes forcefully inject water even thought each spike and the spikes save water for a hot and dry day and disperse of the water to other plants. Cactubloomer can range up to 2 to 6 ft tall.

What environment Is my plant found in?

My plant is found in a neutral area. It rains half the time and its dry half the time. Most of the time hot temperatures surround the (cactubloomer) plant and its found in a higher altitude then most and its windy most of the time.

What seed dispersal method doesn't it use ?

The Cactubloomer disperses it's seeds by using the wind. It's normally windy in the area it lives in witch makes this process work. The wind blows the seeds a good distance from (the parent plant) it's self so it makes it easier for the seeds to get its own sunlight, water and other recorses. They don't have to compete for recorses witch helps the plant spread.

Any similar plants and earth ?

Something similar is a cactus. It doesn't have the ability to shoot water out of its spikes but it has a similar appearance. It has spikes and. They are both green. They are from the same family but the Cactubloomer evolved to another species from its ancestor.