Educational Media & Technology

Ed 279 Sarah Lapham


In this class we learned how to make a twitter and follow people that interested us. I followed all people that had to do with the field of education. They would tweet tips to do in the classroom. One page would tweet out new laws and legal stuff that had to do with educating our children.


This project was basically a Pintrest for teachers. You sign up to follow people who share teaching tips for specific things. Like if you get a new piece of technology in your class you can go on this webpage and they will give you plenty of tips and ways to use every part of this technology.


Find a great site and need to save the link? This is the where you save it so that way you can go back and look at it easily. It is great for a classroom because of you are in the middle of a lesson and have no time to waste then this is perfect. Just one button and move to another site without having to click a million tabs.