Anicent Greece


Pericles and his accomplishments

Pericles was a member of an Aristocratic family but he also supported democracy. Around 460B.C., when he became the leader of a democratic group, he introduced reforms that strengthened the democracy. One of the biggest accomplishments under rule of Pericles was the construction of the Parthenon between 447and 432B.C.

Greek Gods

What did they do?

People in Ancient Greece honored the gods by building temples or statues in their honor. The Greek gods were immortal which meant they lived forever. And each City-state honored one of the twelve Olympians. For example a different City state would honor Hades god of underworld, while a different one would honor Zeus king of all gods.

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Dramatic and visula arts

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The Parthenon`s location is in Athens Greece. The Parthenon is a Greek temple made mostly for the goddess Athena. Long ago there used to be a statue of her in the Parthenon. This statue rose up to 40feet as high as a four-story building. But the wonderful statue of the goddess Athena disappeared a long time ago. However most of the statue and sculptures in the outside and the inside still stand. The Parthenon was a very big accomplishment of Greece.

Visual and Dramatic arts in the Greeks lives.

The ancient Greeks used visual and Dramatic arts in their lives by creating their own type of theater. The Greeks used comedies,tragedies,and, arts. The Greeks had their own vision of The world and their own vision of theater. The ancient Greeks used tragedies in their lives by showing that in the end something really horrible happened to the main character in their lives. The Greeks used comedy in their lives by showing humorous moments in their family or in their lives.

What I enjoyed

What I enjoyed most about this project was the awesome things we got to explain, the things we learned, about the early ages about the ancient people of Greece, and,how they lived.