Northern Sea Lion

Eumetopias jubatus

Literal English Translation

"having a broad forehead and mane"

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The northern sea lion differentiates from other sea lions due to its reddish brown color and large build. Male northern sea lions may grow up to 11 ft long and 2,500 pounds while female norther sea lions 9 ft long and 1,000 pounds. These northern sea lions are found throughout the North Pacific Rim. In there habitats, these seals dive deep into the ocean and feed on small school fish and squid while bigger fish are caught and brought to the surface to be eaten. In order for these sea lion to continue thriving, they must reproduce through sexual reproduction. During this process, dominant males maintain territories for one to two months and mate with many females.

Interesting Fact

A Northern fur seal mother can find her pup in a large group by differentiating the specific pup's voice.


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivora

Family: Otariidae

Genus: Callorhinus

Species: ursinus