Treasured Team Newsletter

Celebrating Your Awesome March!

You are your best product!

We are not in the bag business, we are in the people business. It begins with relationships.

When we take the time to find out about others and really listen, we are privileged by a new relationship. We make women feel important when we listen. So often while prospecting, we are focused on what we will receive. We speak as though it's all about our business and asking for help. Consider slowing down long enough to learn something about the other person. Have you ever wondered why you reach out to help and seldom hear back? By taking the time to listen, even first acquaintances, they will feel important and know they are heard. Listening IS connecting! We can connect what we have to offer to others, when we learn about what they need.

At the end of the day, people buy from people they like.

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Tiffany's March Stats

March PV $4018

9 Parties

Largest March Party $904

Team sales $19,174.00

Total Downline sales $36,647.50

Team office Hours : Monday Through Friday 1:30-5:30 PM, or by appt.

Take a Look at May!

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These Girl's Rocked over $1000 PV in March!!! Awesome Job Ladies!!!

Jennifer Kuchta $2,353

Rachael Hasby $1,765

Ashley Coster-Dieter $1,708

Allison Gross $1,365

Crixell Worley $1,353

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These girls partied over $600 in March!!! Wonderful job ladies!!!!

Danielle Raasch $939

Candace Currah $856.50

Erica Lawrence $708

Christine Larson $680

Kelli Dixon $612

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These girls are doing great!!! Woo Hoo!!!!! Way to go!!!

Kelly Kruel $510

Kayla Woyak $505

Lisa Biglar $374

Nicole Blei $322

Michelle Gummer $321

Kelly Curtis $300

Dominica Stith $234

Kimberlee Bartell $200.50

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These girls are sharing the dream and building thier team!

Ashley Coster- Dieter

Erin Blome

Jennifer Kuchta

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These girls held 2 or more parites in March!!!

Jennifer Kuchta 7

Ashley Coster-Dieter 3

Rachaael Hasby 3

Crixell Worley 3

Candace Currah 2

Danielle Raasch 2

Kelli Dixon 2

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Way to Go March Start Swell Earners!!!

Crixell Worley Level 1

Danielle Raasch Level 2

Michelle Gummer Level 2

Allison Knueppel Level 2

Rachael Hasby Level 3