Elena Ruiz Pay

What do you do before an exam?

I really love listen to music at my home the night before. I love ride the bike too, or do some sport. But when I have an exam I am on the school, and I like talk with my friends or do some jokes to relax for me and them. It is also an option wander the aisles to forget that we have exam

What were you doing when Spain won the World Cup?

I was at Lidia's home, Lidia was a friend for the school. We were with some friends in her garage, and we were saw the match. When Spain won, we went to swimming pool, because all the people, and other friends, were there. We spent a great night bathing in the pool

Things that you haven't done and you would like to do

I have never done skydiving, it's a thing that I have wanted done since I was child. I have never done "puenting" and it was a passion when i had 15 years because my brother done this. I always have wanted drive a motorbike, but my father really hates the motorbikes

Best places to visit in Europe

We have Rome, whose most famous place it's the colosseum. We have Barcelona, whose most famous monument it's the Sagrada Familia, and that have La Seu and Montjuïc Castle, and the Ramblas. Berlin is other of the best places to visit in Europe that is considerate the Bear's city.

How will the world be in 2050?

We will have flying cars with wings and electricity motors. We are going to have an environmental pollution because we are not careful with the nature. We will have more junk food than now because people will love junk food more and more with the pasto of the time. We are going to have some advanced positives on the medicine, like one cure to the alzheimer... And I really hope that we will have peace and love.

If you had been born in a poor country, how would your life have been?

If i had been born in a poor country I would have two options.: Be happy, or be unhappy. Happy cause if I had been poor, I really value less material things, but...

I will can be unhappy because if I didn't have money i will have problems for many things and this would complicated my life.

Can you explain the basic driving rules?

You must not go faster than 120 per hour on highways, or you skip signs. You must respect the crosswalks and not to run over anyone. You can't ride on a motorbike like a crazy, because you can have an accident. You may address to a policeman with respect or you can be arrested by him.

Brief history of the colosseum in Rome

It was built in the 1st century, and ubicated at center of Rome. The Colosseum is undoubtedly one of the great attractions of Rome. It was made into a film on numerous occasions, noting especially the digital reconstruction shown in the film Gladiator.

What did your favourite singer say in his best song?

Sharif said that love is short but oblivion it's long.

He said that he wanted write something simple, that he needn't chorus, he said that he wouldn't surrender. He said that you never know what happens until the next episode