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The Newsletter of OECHS -- July 10th, 2020

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Welcome our new teacher, Katlin Meyer!

Katlin Meyer was recently hired to teach English IV Honors, part-time at OECHS for the 2020-2021 school year! Ms. Meyer attended UNCW and earned a BA in English Literary Studies. She is looking forward to sharing her love of the classics and drama with her future students! During her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, and sipping tea while spending time with her cats.

Senior Portraits Postponed!

New district guidance has recommended that we delay the use of shared tuxedos and drapes for senior portraits. Even through they would have been sanitized and steamed between each session, OECHS will follow the guidance as presented.

Senior Portraits have been postponed until January 2021. During the January sessions, OECHS Seniors will take portraits (tuxes/drapes), casual pictures, as well as cap and gown pictures. Lifetouch will refund anyone that has already paid the sitting fee for the portrait sessions that were scheduled for July 30th.

We are going to have all students take Fall 2020 school pictures towards the end of August. Seniors will need to come in during that time for a picture as well, in their "Sunday Best". Those are not the pictures we really want for the yearbook, nor for posterity, but we are trying to make sure that we have at least one nice senior picture this year in case we have more quarantine and stay-at-home orders later in the school year.

We apologize for the delay, but we will work to make this a safe and enjoyable experience for our first graduating class!

Summer Updates

July 1st came and went without an official decision from Governor Cooper about which plan to follow for reopening schools. Here at OECHS, we are cautiously optimistic that the state government is allowing more time for the increased social distancing and face mask protections to slow so the spread of the virus enough to make (at least partial) seated learning possible. In the next Owl newsletter, we will begin rolling out clear procedures for all to follow, based on the mandated plan selected by the Governor this upcoming week.

Regardless of any announcement, we know things are going to look different at school, even if we operate under Plan A (minimal social distancing). Daily temperature checks, face masks, increased hand-washing, and other measures and procedures will become part of our new normal, at least for a while. Well, except hand-washing. I hope that always stays routine for everyone!

We are working on building schedules this upcoming week for high school courses. Our schedules and our classes are being set up so they can transition to Plan A, B, or C as necessary. The guiding document from NCDHHS and the plans for reopening schools from NCDPI can be found below this article.

College schedules have been revised as Coastal Carolina Community College has shifted most courses to online for Fall 2020. Seated classes were scheduled as much as possible, but seated opportunities were limited and students will have (at least) some online classes through CCCC, depending on the courses they are taking and the availability of sections. At this time, Juniors and Seniors can still come and use the resources on campus for their remote classes.

Juniors and Seniors should be able to login to WebAdvisor and see their CCCC schedules now! If you cannot access your schedule, please email me ( and I will work to get a copy of your schedule to your OCS email account over the next week. A new seminar schedule has been created and posted on the Class of 2021 and Class of 2022 Teams. Seminar is a mandatory class for all Juniors and Seniors in Ragsdale 102A. Online Seminar options for students in a totally remote learning environment will be made available.

Please remember that folks need to wear masks in all North Carolina public places when social distancing of six feet or more (at all times) is not possible. If you need to visit our office this summer, you will need a mask. It is for your protection and the protection of those that work at CCCC.

Stay safe, Owls! --Mr. Strope

Flipgrid -- Class of 2024

Hello New Owls,

On the OECHS Class of 2024 Team page, you will find a post about Flipgrid. Please follow the link in that post to sign in to Flipgrid (using your OCS student email address) to record a short video, introducing yourself to OECHS teachers and fellow students! We already have 17 videos!

Try to get this accomplished as soon as possible. If you are having technical difficulties, please let Mr. Strope know (


As we make our plans for hopeful face-to-face instruction on August 3rd, one of the items that we would have normally covered in a "Welcome to OECHS Parent Meeting" is the topic of carpooling. Sometimes it is not possible to drop kids off everyday to OECHS, drop kids off/pick them up from hub locations, or use the hub system altogether. In the past, several families set up carpools to help each other get their kids to school, to the hub stop, or bring them home. We set up time during our Welcome to OECHS meetings in the past to for parents to talk with one another (and usually carpool arrangements were made at that time).

Unfortunately, we have not been able to hold large meetings for quite some time, so we are going to try to help facilitate carpooling electronically. If you are able to help carpool others in your area get to school (or the hub stop), bring them home (from school or the hub stop), or are in need of some carpool assistance, please fill out the following form. Please note that by filling out the form, you give consent for your contact information to be shared with others for the purposes of carpooling only.

We will share our carpooling database (with those that sign up and provide their contact information) on July 21st, so if you are interested in this endeavor, please fill out the form prior to that date!

Please also note that and liability for carpooling remains with families and drivers, not with OECHS, Onslow County Schools, or Coastal Carolina Community College. OCS does provide hub busing and the schedule for hub buses will be sent out later in the summer, after we adjust our plans to meet any state directives for reopening schools. Parents are still able to drop off/pick up their own children at CCCC or use any of the hub sites, not just the one located at their traditional home high school.

PSAT, SAT, PreACT, ACT, and AP Fee Waivers

Our students take many tests for college preparation and/or admission to colleges and universities after graduating from OECHS and CCCC. The two main companies for college admission tests are ACT and The College Board. Both have provisions for fee waivers for students. Not only do fee waivers cover the costs of tests (students are not charged for any tests that they take through OECHS), they also allow students to access their information later on and send their results to future colleges and universities for free. Those costs can add up quickly if students apply to multiple schools later on.

If you qualify for free or reduced school lunch, you also qualify for testing fee waivers! If you do qualify and you want OECHS to request a fee waiver from ACT and The College Board for your student, please fill out the following form:

Remind Texts

If you have been receiving Remind texts from OECHS during the 2019-2020 school year as part of the Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior groups, then you should be good-to-go for this upcoming school year. The groups have been updated to reflect their progression through high school, meaning Freshmen are now labelled Sophomores, and so on.

For any parents, guardians, or students new to OECHS in 2020-2021 (or if you did not sign up for Remind last year), please click on one of the instruction sheets below to receive Remind texts from OECHS with important information and updates!

Summer Assignments (Including English IV)

Rising Freshmen and Sophomores have summer assignments in English I/English II, English IV and Advanced Placement World History.

Please note that we have also included a summer assignment for English IV. Even if a new part-time English IV teacher is hired, we will utilize this assignment at the beginning of the year!

AP World History textbooks can be picked up at OECHS. See the section above for days and times! AP World History has changed through The College Board to focus on 1200-present. The summer assignments are designed to help students get a little background knowledge and to provide context for learning that will occur this upcoming year.

Assignments for English I/English II, English IV and AP World History can be found below.

ACT (and SAT)

All rising Seniors will have their make-up ACT administration on September 22nd. This is the state-mandated administration of the ACT and it is required for all students in the Class of 2021.

As our own administration of the ACT has been rescheduled two times already, it may be a good idea for rising seniors to check out the opportunities this summer and fall to take the ACT and SAT college entrance exams on their own as well. Information for SAT and ACT can be found at:

All rising Juniors should start preparing for the Spring 2021 administration of the ACT. ACT Academy is a great place to start! All rising Juniors need to create an account at ACT Academy and begin prepping for the exam. It is never too early to prepare!

SAT Exam (Fall 2020) Registration

Many students take the SAT, in addition to the state-mandated ACT to better their chances for college admission. The College Board is working to ensure that students will have opportunities to take the SAT® to make up for this spring's lost administrations. The College Board has announced that registration is now open for the fall SAT test administrations.

All students can register for the November or December SAT administration at this time.

To accommodate students who were impacted by recent cancellations, The College Board is offering priority registration for August, September, and October administrations to the following groups:

  • Students who registered for June SAT or SAT Subject Tests™ and didn't cancel their registrations
  • Students in the class of 2021 without a test score
  • Students in the class of 2020 without a test score

For students who were registered for the June SAT or SAT Subject Test administrations only: Students can simply transfer their registration to any of the upcoming SAT dates. They won't be charged a change fee if they transfer their registration before July 31. When they log in to My SAT, they should select the option to change their registration. Then, they should follow the rest of the required steps until they get to the order confirmation.

For students who are eligible for a fee waiver: As always, eligible students will be able to take the SAT with a fee waiver. To learn more about weekend fee waivers, visit our SAT fee waiver page.

Adding Capacity Throughout the Summer
The College Board is working hard throughout the summer to add more test centers and available seats, so The College Board encourages those who haven't yet had an opportunity to test to keep checking back. They also provide updates periodically via the AP website and social media when they add new test center capacity. They may have limited capacity in certain areas due to public health restrictions, so if students can’t find a nearby test center with availability, they should be sure to check other dates.

SAT (The College Board) Opportunity Scholarships

The College Board provides the Opportunity Scholarship Program for students to earn while working to improve their SAT score. It is a free program! Information can be found at:

A flyer explaining the steps to the scholarships can also be found in the downloadable PDF below:

Checklists for Rising Seniors

We still need to stay on track, Seniors! One of your tasks this summer is to create a Federal Student Aid ID# (FSA). The FSA is required for all students as they fill out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form this school year. Take time to create an account (and save your password):

Rising Seniors should also have a Common App login (as we reviewed how to create an account in seminar this past year). Go to Common App and start working on your college admission essay! This one application will work for hundreds of colleges!

Here are also a few checklists that will help keep us all on pace to graduate in May: