Get Healthy

kids need to exercise nowadays

"its says"

It's says: "today's children will be the first generation for some time to have poorer health outcomes and a shorter life expectancy than their parents."

In 1978 there was a big increase from overweight children until 2004.

"i say "

I say: i say that having pools playgrounds and gyms all around people's houses can help because the kids will be tempted to go and play and go to gyms i also think that the gyms need to be only for kids from ages to 10-16. Kids eat too much junk food that has a lot of fat like coke and pepsi have so much sugar and kids love it and their parents can't stop them because they love it they are addicted .kids also love candy so much there's too much sugar i eat that like once a month is good but kids also eat it and they don't even exercise they can at least burn the fat when they finish eating the fattening food.

babies playing on phones

This generation is going to live less than there parents because of obesity and obesity isn't going down its going up and little children when they grow up wont know anything because they are so good at controlling phones some of them get obsessed and they cry if they don't get a device so it is better if you don't let your kids get obsessed with technology.