Jake Wexler


About Jake

Jake Wexler: Age: 45. Podiatrist, Graduated from Marquette. Has to daughters and married for 22 years. Married to an irritating social climbing wife. Jake is a nice guy and has a sense of humor.


The Westing Game

By Ellen Raskin

Key Passage



"Whatever became of that fun-loving women I married, what was her name- Gracie Windkloppel?" Grace quickly looked around

On this page it shows that Jake Wexler does not like his wife he gets irritated when she is around. There are many sign of this in other pages like on page 68.



"Snow." said Madam Hoo.

"Thats right, snow. and lots of snow.

This shows that Jake Wexler is teaching Madam Hoo english. Jake is a nice guy caring and loyal. He makes friends easy. This also shows Jake does not really care about winning the westing game. He would rather help Madam Hoo and make more friends.

Internal Conflict

Jake Wexler's internal conflict is that he dislike his social-climbing, irritating wife. Though he does not like his wife he tries to make the best. He tries to be nice to all his daughters unlike Grace who dislikes turtle.

Theme Song

The Foot Book Song
I chose this theme song because Jake Wexler is a podiatrist (foot doctor). He learned podiatry at Marquette collage.

Song: The Foot Book Song

By: Dr. Seuss

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTf3uQtkcqc