The Reforms of the 19th Centery

Jadarius Woods

The Education Reform

Education Reform

Horace Mann was one of the greatest leaders of this reform . He wanted to improve public schools . No attendance was required ( except for in Maine and Virginia ). The schools were not divided by grade level, He established training programs and wanted to improve the curriculum, he doubled the money that Mass. spent on students. Also during this this reform The 1st Public University which we all know as UNC Chapel Hill in 1795.

The Prison Reform

Prison Reform

1831 French writer Alexis De Tocqueville visits prison in the United States . Dorothea Dix was the great reformer for prisoners and the mentally ill. She wanted to create separate facilities for both the mentally ill and the prisoners. By the time of her death 100 facilities were established in the united States .

The Abolionist Movement

Abolitionist Movement

William Lloyd Garrison was the leader of 18,203 movements to free slaves immediately Fredrick Douglass was the greatest African American leader of this reform He was a freed slave that escaped to the north . He created (the North Star) newspaper to help free slaves .

The Women 's Rights Reform

Womens Rights!

formed abolishment to Educate , woman worked actively in all reform movements throughout the 1800s opportunity for woman to become educated increased in 1833 Aberlin collage was the 1st collage to be code woman's rights movement . Reform movements of the 19th century spurred the development of the woman's movement. Elizabeth Cady Saton, and iucretlamott had both been abolitionist for woman's rights .The convention in Seneca Falls in New York City.

The Temperance Reform

Temperanceance Reform

Movement to reduce the use of alcohol beverage's alcohol linked to sickness poverty

families .by the med 1800s many slaves were using alcohol.