More Pollution, More Problems

The effects of water pollution.

Clean Water

Every year we experience the death of millions men, women, and children due to waterborne illness. Waterborne illness is a leading killer in undeveloped countries such as Africa and Asia. Clean water is essential to a happy, healthy world.

Countries all over the world have water pollution problems


  • 80% of water pollution comes from the people rather than industry, due to improper waste removal.
  • Due to businesses being built along the river gas, oil, and plastic waste are put into the Mekong River.
  • People in Cambodia rely on the polluted Mekong River for drinking water.
  • 2/3's of child deaths in Cambodia are linked to waterborne disease.
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  • More than 85% of Lao's population lies along the Polluted Mekong River
  • Water treatment plants in Lao date back to the early 20th century so they are virtually no good.
  • Only 50% of people in rural areas have access to clean drinking water
  • River water is becoming cloudy, and unsafe because of lack of regulation and enforcement of agriculture and mining.
  • Wastewater is being discharged into the river making it more polluted.
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  • 40% of China's rivers are polluted.
  • 20% of those rivers were to toxic to even come in contact with.
  • In china 60,000 premature deaths occur annually due to Water Pollution.
  • 80% of China's cities have no sewage treatment plants.
  • 90% of China's underground water supplies are contaminated.
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What can we do to help?

To help these countries we could do many things:

  • Set up sewage treatment plants in these countries
  • Educate the people on proper waste discharge
  • Donate to these countries for better water.

The Effects of Water Pollution