Junior Kindergarten Class News

Learning in Mrs. Hannan's and Miss Missy's Jr.K 1

Spring and Spring Flowers

April was an exciting and fun month in Junior Kindergarten. After returning from our early spring break, we discussed the changes we were seeing take place outside. We discussed the many flowers in bloom, the parts of a flower or plant, and how some flowers grow from a seed while others grow from a bulb. We also visited our Maple tree to see its reddish brown buds.

Our Dinosaur Unit

Junior Kindergarten started our very exciting Dinosaur Unit this month, and it is proving to be a class favorite. We "kicked off" the Unit with a visit from Ms. Lynn of the Great Valley Nature Center. Miss Lynn showed us real fossils, skeletons, and more! During the Dinosaur Unit we have learned many facts about long neck, plated, horned, and duckbill dinosaurs. For every dinosaur we learned about, we created a page in our very own Dinosaur Booklets. In addition to Booklets, we learned all about herbivores and created "stand-up" Stegosauruses,finger painted Apatosauruses, and movable Triceratops projects and Triceratops cupcakes!

Earth Day 2016

We took a small break from our Dinosaur Unit to celebrate Earth Day. We had an exciting program about chemistry and our earth presented by Dr. Karlinsey. We discussed how we why it is important to take care of the earth and things we can all do our part. As a fun Earth Day activity, we made and ate a delicious "Dirt Dessert!"

Looking Ahead

Next month, we are looking forward to learning about carnivorous dinosaurs and having our "Dinosaur Stomp" Dinosaur Party. Also, we are all getting reading to enjoy refreshments, sing to, and give gifts to our moms during our Mother's Day Tea and to going to the Elmwood Zoo!!!