Keystone Teachers

Grading of Assignments and Teacher Feedback

Role of the Teacher

All Keystone teachers are licensed and certified, and are experienced educators. They are specifically trained in how to teach in an online environment. We encourage students to reach out to their teachers as often as they need. Students can count on hearing back from teachers within 1 business day and will receive feedback on assignments within 3 business days for online courses and 7-10 business days for print courses (upon receiving assignments).

How can you contact your teacher?

Keystone teachers can be contacted by phone or email for questions about course content, getting help with difficult material, journals, projects, or Keystone policies.

Teacher contact information is included in each online course in the Staff Information section. Students should call 1-866-MYTEACHER (1-866-698-3224) and follow the automated prompts to enter the specific teacher's phone extension.

Print students receive a contact list for teachers with their course materials.

Teacher Feedback and Grading

The feedback received will explain where and why points have been deducted. Performance and feedback on objective items (ex: multiple choice quiz) are processed immediately but subjective items (ex: essay) will be graded by the teacher within 72 business hours of submission.

When the teacher grades subjective items, he/she will provide additional feedback. The final grade will then be calculated and entered into the grade book. It is important that you read your teacher's feedback. Knowing why points were lost can improve your performance on future exams and assignments.

Feel free to contact your teacher with questions regarding an assignment's feedback or overall score.

Important policies to keep in mind

  • Keystone does not allow students to choose to take a "zero" for work that is not submitted. In order to receive credit for a course, students must successfully submit all assignments that course toward the final grade.

  • Keystone cannot meet any requests to "rush" grading. Students with a deadline should submit their work at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline to allow for grading, any necessary re-submission, and processing of the final grade.