The Treasure Map

August 14-August 23

The Week In Review

Welcome Back Meeting

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Media Center


7:30-8:00 Time to catch up and have Quiche from The Yolk and fresh fruit (BYOB)

8:00—8:10 Adam Batten, grade 3, self introduction and Rebecca Watts, 5th grade-Introductions

8:10-8:50 iRock update (Merri Anna, Crystal, 4th and 5th grade team)

8:50-9:50 Curriculum updates (Hana, Stacey Taylor, Tonya Janicke, Candyce Powers, Rhonda Kelsey)

9:50-10:00 Break

10:00-10:10 Kayla Mullis, 4th and Daniel Fielder, 4th-Introductions

10:10-10:40 Blood Borne Pathogens-Alison Bosdell

10:45-11:15 Handbook Treasure Hunt

11:15-12:00 Handbook Hunt Debriefing

12:00-12:15 Wanda Poag, special ed, Emily Anderson-PE and Andy Morton, 5th-Introductions

Lunch on your own (One Hour)

1:00 Special Education Team Planning- (Cassie Cagle, Crystal Guyton, Rhonda Kelsey, Wanda Poag, Austin Colquhoun, Lesslie Pursley)

Work in room afternoon

Building will be locked at 4:00 (No evening cleaning crew.)

Thursday, August 15th

Meeting in Computer Lab 8:00-9:00


Smarter Balance Assessment

MyOn intro and other tools to use (Merri Anna, Crystal, Rhonda) Bring your own coffee

Sometime on Thursday…

PLC Meetings for all grade levels and special area to discuss the following…

1. Set weekly meeting time

2. Develop Grade level or hall duty schedule (morning and afternoon)- Rhonda will send template (alternate for Daycare/Van-We no longer have a science lab. Where should we house these student?)

3. Set your meet and greet plans (Monday, August 19th from 5:00-6:30- Clear the building announcement at 7:00) All certified staff will be present.

4. Decide on subject area for grade level common assessments (see teacher handbook.)

5. Talk about your classroom management plans-these do NOT have to be consistent across the grade level. (See handbook for more details)

Friday, August 16

Rally at Northwestern Morning-Time TBA


2:00-3:00 Julie will be in conference room writing checks for Classroom Libraries ($250) must have receipts with you to receive check.

Monday, August 19

Mid-morning treat from Ms. Greer ( a neighbor) TBA

10:00-11:30 Heather and Shemia (tools for your tech toolkit) Meet in the library

Lunch on your own

Everyone expected for Meet and Greet from 5-7


Tuesday, August 20

Flex Schedule (Work 8 hours)

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21, ALL HANDS ON DECK 7:00 until every child has gone home! (more to come with list of reminders)