Military Police Officer

Air Force

Security Forces

The main thing Officers do is of course, protect the people, the base itself, the properties and resources.


An Air Force Officer receives about $2,828.40 a month which be around $33,940.80 a year.
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Cheyenne Bowman

Cheyenne Bowman is my sister, she is located in San Angelo, TX. You can contact her by mobile phone at (785) 226-0856.


I would prefer to be located at San Angelo, TX. Which is Goodfellow Air Force Base. Or McConnell Air Force Base, located in Wichita, KS.
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Living and Working

I would like to live in San Angelo, Texas. I would be working on Goodfellow Air Force Base.

Six Flags!

Six Flags is a park of Roller Coasters and filled with many other things to do. I love roller coasters.
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Dallas World Aquarium

Its an aquarium and zoo. Where they house endangered and threatened animals.
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Sixth Floor Museum

The museum examines the life, times, death, and legacy of former President John. F. Kennedy, where he was shot and killed.
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Galveston has lots of different things you can do such as going to the beach, take a walk on the Pier, or riding Jet ski's.
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Lone Star Flight Museum

This is place that displays lots of different air craft.
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Cost of Living

Being that I'm going to be in the Air Force; they will pay for my college. I will also not have to pay for living because when you are single and live alone they pay for your housing. Although for food I'd be paying around $250 a month. My car payment would be around $286 a month. My phone bill would be around $25 a month. Gas is $1.09 a gallon. A dentist visit without insurance would be about $76 a visit.


I would have enough to pay for everything that I need to survive including fun things in my free time.

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