Hell's Hideaway

"You can get away, but not for too long."

Getaway from everyday life

The Hideaway is a unique spa in which you relax not only your body, but your mind as well. It is also exclusive to only those 18 years or older, no exceptions. We offer many accommodations to fit every individuals situation and we do everything to make your stay exhilarating.
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Our Spa

Our award winning spa has many feautures that got it on the bottom, but here are some of which we think are the best.- Fancy Feces Mask; compiled from only the worlds best minerals the mask exfoliates and replinishes essentials in the skin.- Urine Bath; Soothes away all your worries.
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Aroma Therapy

Our unique scents make us known around the world and they are just so intoxicating that once you enter it seems as though you cannot leave.

Take a Hike

Hiking can be a very restful yet challenging activity that will take you on an amazing journey to see mezmorizing creatures and an intresting scenery. Your tour guides who are very knoweledgeable about the circle. These guides are Malacoda, Curlybeard, Grizzly, Hellken, Dragontooth, Catclaw, Cramper, Crazyred, and Pigtusk.
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About Us

Our goal is to not only relax your body, but to relax your mind as well. We want to make sure that your stay here is one of the most memorable of all. If there is anything that you need are staff will be more than happy to assist you with whatever it is that you may need.

Award Winning Restruant and Grill

Owned and Operated by the creators of Hells Kitchen the Burned Fork has a large variety of menu items including the smoldering spagetti and the blazing burger, but our most popular item would be Satans Special, which includes a sample of everything on our menu.
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Celebirty Apperances

On Tuesday and Thursday nights the entertainment for the evening is the fabulous terrot card readings of the Fourtune Tellers who are so skilled they can walk with their head turned backwards. On the weekend we also have the storytelling of Dante and Virgil who captivate all with their tales.

Come stay and you'll never want to leave

 Even though it might be a difficult trip do to the broken bridges the trip is more than worth it. So come to Hells Hideaway and see what all the fuss is about.
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