Price's Press

December 19, 2014

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

This week's reporter is Mrs. Price . Our "Tweeter" for this week has been Brooke. Please follow us on Twitter @Superb4thGrade.

News You Can Use!

This week all reporters had the week off. They have been busy with activities that need to be completed before winter break. Also, many of them are preoccupied with the upcoming holiday.

Thanks for the boxes that have already been donated for science. We are still in need of shirt sized boxes or small with lids.

The class had a wonderful time at the winter party. They created gingerbread houses, played some games, and had a snack. Thanks to all the parents that sent in items to make the party a success and to all of those parents who came in and helped with the party. Thanks to Mrs. Kranz and Ms. Rajogopalan for planning the party.

I want to thank you all for helping the first part of this school year go so well. Without the support of families the school day would not go as well as it does. This group of fourth graders have truly stepped up to the plate. They are creative and caring students. That is not something I say about every group. I look forward to the rest of this school year. Enjoy this time with your children. It goes way to fast. I speak from experience. Happy Holidays and I look forward to seeing everyone in the 2015.


This week began with the class reading a biography about Luke Howard. Luke was a smart individual who lived in England and he was very interested in clouds. His father wanted him to be a chemist. Luke did study chemistry and Latin. He never let go of his personal dream and he persevered and named the clouds. The word analysis that went with this lesson involved Latin roots. Ask your child what roots they learned and what each one meant.

As a culminating activity for the novels read in class, each reading group created a book trailer using Animoto. Each trailer is unique and the students really captured the theme and plot of the stories. So far the easiest way to share these projects is to post them on Twitter. Please take a look at them if you are following us on Twitter. I know the kids would love seeing your comments. I will be looking for another way to share them in the near future for those of you not on Twitter.

Our writing activity spun off of one of the read that I read aloud this week, The Great Reindeer Rebellion. After listening to part of this book, the students wrote from the point of view of one of a reindeer and wrote Santa a letter with demands that would make the reindeer's jobs easier. I will tell you there are many creative students in class.

The students have been learning about the different types of propaganda. Below you can find a link that the students can complete various activities revolving around advertisements. These activities can not be completed on the Kuno tablets. Some of the kids were interested in the link so I told them I would include it in the newsletter.

Battle of the Books

What is America’s Battle of the Books?

America's Battle of the Books is a national reading incentive program for students designed to encourage students to read selected books and have fun while competing with peers. All fourth grade classes at Conley are participating in this “battle”. While working on a common goal, the students will be reading quality literature. Each member of the team will have an individual list that they will be choosing books from to read. Before they begin reading, they will need to approve the book with their teacher. When they finish reading the book they will take notes on the book so they can share what they have learned with their team mates. If they do read all of the books on their own list, they can begin reading some of the other books. Each team is responsible for knowing about all the books, so the more they read, the more they can answer on the day of the battle. Teamwork and increased reading are the goals of this program.

The culminating activity is a fun filled day of competition. This game show format activity will show what the students know about the books that they have read. Each team will be asked questions about the characters, setting and plot of each book. The teams can even earn extra points if they know the authors of the books! We are very excited to be able to continue this reading incentive program. Let the battle begin!


This week my math class completed Unit 5. After break, the students will begin to investigate data displays and sample sizes. They will learn how to match "mystery plots" with data. Students will also add and subtract fractions and relate fractions finding common denominators to the idea that every fraction has many equivalent names.

Social Studies

Work has continued on the toy company. The students brainstormed different departments that employees could work in at the company and then the nine departments were created. Each department is creating a floor plan for how their space should be set up and what equipment should be included.