Sigmund Freud

Early life

Sigmund was born in present day Czech Republic on May 6th, 1856. In 1859 the Freud family migrated to Manchester, England. Sigmund found a love in literature and learned over seven languages! Freud joined the University of Vienna at age 17 for law school, but joined the medical faculty instead. In 1882 he began his medical career by joining the Vienna General Hospital. Freud began smoking tobacco at the age of 24.

Middle to Later Life

Sigmund believed that smoking enhanced his capacity to work. In February 1923, Freud detected a leukoplakia, a benign growth associated with heavy smoking despite shutting down all the tips his friends gave him to try and quit smoking. By mid September 1939, Freud's cancer of the jaw was causing him severe pain and was considered inoperable. He then passed away a couple of days later on the date of September 23rd.