My True Colors

Austin Malabanan Hr 5


As a child I would always follow rules and regulations of the school. I never got in trouble at school as a child.


During relationships I tend to show my patient through the things I do for them.


While I work am very organized. Also when I'm working I get it finished even if it takes longer than expected.


As a leader I expect everyone to for fill their own part of the task. I also expect people to do things the right way.

Bad Day

On a bad day I get sad and worry about the things later on in the day.
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Three things that fit me best was the part about my childhood, leadership, and work ethic. Three things that did not fit me best was the part about the bad day that was nowhere near how I act. Also the relationship I don't usually look for those signs. I'm not sure what kind of job would fit my personality because I haven't worked before.