By Justin Liang

Date joined the EU

May 1, 2004

It wasn't a founding country

Was Cyprus part of another country at any point?

In ancient times, Cyprus was ruled by different powers such as the Assyrian, Egyptian, Persian, and Macedonian. It was a Roman province from 58 BC to 395 AD, then it became part of the Byzantine Empire (395 - 1184), and after periods of French (1192 - 1489) and Venetian (1489 - 1571) reign, the Ottoman Empire took over (1571-1878). Finally, Great Britain took Cyprus and turned it into a colony from 1878-1960. With the Treaties of Zurich and London of 1959, Cyprus was given independence while Turkey, Greece and the United Kingdom reserved for themselves special rights as Guarantor Powers.

Location and geography

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean.

The island is west of Syria and Lebanon and south of Turkey.

Hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.

Two mountain masses on the island.

Cyprus Flag

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History of the Flag

Became national flag in 1960 when the country gained independence from the UK

Picture of the country with a white background and olive branches which stand for peace.

Capital and major cities.

Nicosia is the capital






St. Hilarion Castle- old crusader bastion and home of plenty of local legends and myths.

Nissi beach- one of the most popular beaches in Cyprus, very pretty, clear, blue water

Lots of beautiful beaches to visit.

Government type and currency

Constitutional republic, unitary state, and presidential system

Currency is Euro, but before that was the Cyprus pound which one equals 1.86 US dollars

Interesting facts

Tie a hanky, sock or any ex-love's belonging to the tree at top of the Paphos catacomb steps and he or she is more likely to return. Worth a try, anyway.

Haloumi from Cyprus is recognized as the true version of the cheese. Many Cypriots make it at home.

Legend says the Greek goddess of love was born off Aphrodite's Beach. Waves breaking over the rock create pillars of foam that islanders say look just like the goddess herself.


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