The Monday Message

Office of the Principal; Monday, September 19, 2016

2016-17 Work Plan Goals

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Quote for the Week!

"I trust you if: when you make a mistake, you are willing to own it, apologize for it, and make amends. And when I make a mistake, I am allowed to do the same." ~ Brene Brown

Duty Roster

Click here for the Duty Roster

Monday - I Group on Duty - Hutto, Smiley PM Duty

Tuesday - R Group on Duty - Jackson, Jones, PM Duty

Wednesday - M Group on Duty - Sava, Mays Fowler, PM Duty

Thursday - O Group on Duty - Major-Murphy, Thur, PM Duty

Friday - I Group on Duty, Sava, Hutto, PM Duty

The Week Ahead

Monday 9/19/16 - Student/Staff Picture Day, Admin Mtg (9:00am, Cafe')

Tuesday 9/20/16 - Howard Middle School Visits IMS Pitsco Labs (9:00am), Grade Level Dept Mtgs (During Plannings - Classroom Mosaic SLO Tutorials; FCR), 3rd Tuesday Department Mtgs (4:00pm, Designated Classrooms), C-Team Volleyball Game (H) vs Lexington Middle (5:30pm, Gymnasium), SIC Meeting (5:30pm, FCR), PTSO Meeting (6:30pm, FCR)

Wednesday 9/21/16 - Principal's Meeting (12:30-4:30pm, DO Board Room) Sandy Arnott Memorial Celebration (4:00pm, Media Center), 8th Grade Tailgate (3:35-5:30pm 8th Grade Recess Area), C-Team Football Game (H) vs Pleasant Hill Middle (5:30pm, IHS Stadium)

Thursday 9/22/16 - PL Cycle (All Day, during plannings), C-Team Volleyball @ Dutch Fork Middle (5:30pm)

Friday 9/23/16 - Interim Progress Reports Go Home During 6th Period (last five minutes), iGrow Plant Sale (Greenhouse), 6th Grade Expedition Kickoff - Homeless Simulation

Saturday 9/24/16 - Okra Strut (Irmo Town Area) - 3 volunteers are still needed. Please email Mrs. Krumrey if you can help us out.

Tasks to Complete This Week!

  1. Take teaching, learning, and assessment to the next level in all classes with all students.
  2. Incorporate global themes into your lessons as Do Now activities, deeper discussion prompts, research activities, etc...
  3. Set up your NewsELA account.
  4. Make sure your gradebook is up-to-date. Interims will go out Friday (9/23) during 6th period.
  5. Attend Tuesday's Grade Level Dept. Mtgs (during plannings; Classroom Mosaic SLO Tutorial Sessions) and after school Department Mtgs
  6. Attend Thursday's PL Cycle Sessions (During Plannings)
  7. Everyone report to duty as scheduled. See roster here.
  8. Read the Monday Message in its entirety (including the articles linked and inserted). Also view the video clips, reflect, and adjust your practices where needed.

August/September Staff Birthdays

Glenn Hutto, 8/29

Robert Jackson, 9/1

Kim Caley, 9/1

Sharon Moore, 9/4

Kim Waters, 9/5

Sara Crawford, 9/6

Ryan Crothers, 9/8

Anne-Weaver Clark, 9/8

J. Aram Olson, 9/15

Keela Davis, 9/20

Brittany Frohnhoefer, 9/20

Peter Bobb, 9/26

Margaret Lewis, 9/30

Please join me in wishing these amazing IMS staff members a Happy Birthday!

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1. Barry Lee- Mr. Godfrey would like to give a shout out to Mr. Lee. "I would like to give a shout out to Barry Lee. Last Friday was Constitution Day and Barry has taken the lead to organize all aspects of the lesson to ensure that we fulfill this federal requirement. Barry has consistently led our department this year with a positive attitude, and has helped with keeping us all organized and informed about all the IMS, district, state, and federal requirements." iAM so proud that Mr. Lee is working hard to take our SS Dept to the next level to better educate our students. Also, Kudos to Mr. Godfrey for seeking opportunities to show gratitude and celebrate others. Please join Mr. Godfrey in giving Mr. Lee a huge iAM shout out.

2. Irma Richardson- Ms. Paketrice Jones would like to give a shout out to Mrs. Irma Richardson. "I would like to shout out Ms. Irma Richardson. I have a class with a range of reading levels. Ms. Richardson not only helped me to make sense of our students' data, but she went next level by placing the students in reading groups so they could support each other as we grapple with informational text. Thank you so much Ms. Richardson! iAM so proud of Mrs. Richardson. She always goes out of her way to help all teachers and staff on campus. She is challenging all of her students to level up and accomplish their goals. Also, kudos to Ms. Jones for seeking opportunities to show gratitude and celebrate others. Please join Ms. Jones in giving Mrs. Richardson a huge iAM shout out.

3. Scott Thur, Rachel Long, and Audrey Mallard - This past week, I received this wonderful note acknowledging the hard work and immediate assistance provided to a student who really needed some help. "My son, Ethan Adams, is autistic and has unfortunately gotten accustomed to be picked on by fellow students. Earlier this week, two students were able to pick at him in a way that was very upsetting for him, so much so that he talked about hurting himself. My son informed Dr. Thur of his worries and concerns and my son was taken immediately to the school psychologist, Dr. Long who helped Ethan talk through his feelings and developed a plan for how to deal with these situations in the future. Ms. Mallard, Ethan's counselor also came to help. I so very much appreciate your staff's response to my son's difficult day. Students with his disposition are more susceptible to suicidal ideation, but I believe that he left the school Tuesday feeling very loved and with resources to deal with these feelings in the future. I am so proud of Dr. Thur, Dr. Long, and Mrs. Mallard for taking the time needed to help this student. They also provided next level interventions to make sure he can cope and respond to his unique situation. Please join me in giving Dr. Thur, Dr. Long, and Mrs. Mallard a huge iAM shout out.

4. Joe Cioffi- Mr. Hook would like to give a shout out to Mr. Cioffi. "I would like to recognize Joe Cioffi for all of the wonderful things that he has done to help me personally as I transition to Irmo Middle School, but also all of the new teachers on our team and the 8th grade. Joe was been a little bit "under the weather" last week, but he never ceases to bring that infectious personality and attitude with him to school everyday, which his colleagues know and love. I can only imagine how many questions I have asked him over the last month or so, and he always remains reliable as a colleague and a leader. He is also a phenomenal resource for advice and guidance when times get...challenging. Thank you so much Mr. Cioffi for your time.

iAM so proud of Mr. Cioffi. He is truly vested in IMS and works hard to make sure we are doing the right things to take our school to the next level. He continues to demonstrate that change is possible and models it routinely around campus. No matter what is needed, all you have to do is ask and he will help in any manner needed. Also, kudos to Mr. Hook for seeking opportunities to show gratitude and celebrate others. Please join Ms. Hook in giving Mr. Cioffi a huge iAM shout out.

5. Elizabeth Crocker - Mrs. Crocker took learning in her classes to another level this week. Students have been working on their "I AM From" poems. She hosted a gallery walk Friday and invited parents to this event. Students explained their poems and displayed their We Video projects. iAM so proud of Mrs. Crocker for the rigorous and challenging work being done in her classes. She never accepts the notion that students can't do high quality work. She pushes them to high levels of excellence which their work demonstrated complexity, authenticity, and craftsmanship. Please join me in giving Mrs. Crocker a huge iAM shout out.

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  1. Notifying the front office - Teachers, when you need to relocate your classroom for any reason, please notify the front office of your whereabouts. This will help with operational efficiency when we need to locate a student, process a late arrive or early dismissal, or respond to an emergency situation.
  2. From Mr. Sava (API's Corner) - Data Teaming with All In Learning - Thank you to all teachers for your time and attention during the Data-Team Refresher meetings over the past few weeks. Data-Teaming has the potential to improve teaching and learning through the intentional implementation of the Five Step Process. This year we narrowed our focus to Steps 4 and 5 of the process. The embedded video takes a broader look at the whole Five Step Process through the lens of utilizing All-In-Learning. Please take time to view this video as a capstone of our recent refreshers.
  3. Admin looks forward to visiting Data-Team meetings. We ask that when you plan to conduct a Five Step Process meeting that you invite the admin team at least 72 hours in advance. This will allow one of us the opportunity to visit and provide feedback/coaching/praise as needed.
  4. Finally, lets honor our 7th Grade Social Studies Teachers and our 8th Grade Science teachers! They both will be participating on the inside of a Fishbowl this year.
  5. During last Wednesday's Late Start PD, all teachers were introduced to Newsela. Well.... Newsela is HERE! This resource is an integral part of our school's Read To Succeed plan and EL Core Practice #13 - Reading Across all Discipline Areas. Once you browse you also see all the global connections at your fingertips.
  6. You may begin using it immediately. Click the link and follow the steps to get access.
  7. Click this link to GET STARTED
  8. Go to the bottom and click on "Sign Up Now"
  9. Click on "I'm an Educator"
  10. Answer "YES" and select your role from the drop down menu
  11. Enter the Zip Code for IMS – 29212
  12. Select Irmo MIddle from the options and "Confirm"
  13. Agree with Terms and Conditions
  14. Once inside, teachers can take the Newsela PRO 101 online session to learn the nuts and bolts of Newsela. Teachers will receive a certificate for 1 hour of PD for their work from Newsela.​
  15. We will also be arranging for on-site training provided by teachers who have previously used Newsela. Times and locations will be forthcoming.

Closing Thoughts

Our closing thought for this week focuses on two things: recapping last week's anecdotal day and digging into accountability so everyone can improve relational trust between adults and with students on campus.

Last week, I asked the question "How are you reliable at IMS?" I read many different responses (from duty coverage, reporting to work on time, being prepared, following up on commitments to many others. It is not doubt that we have many reliable team members at IMS. After four weeks of probing for engagement via the Monday Message, I am seeing an interesting trend. When asking for follow-through, I am seeing that 75-80 percent of our team members are responding, This parallels our student achievement data. I wonder if there is a correlation. Here are fifteen maxims for being a reliable person.

The third component of Brene Brown's "Anatomy of Trust" is accountability. Accountability is often the litmus test for many relationships. Accountability means taking ownership for one's behavior, including making amends when we make mistakes. Do you often ask yourself, Did I hold myself accountable when interacting with teachers, students, parents, or in your personal interactions at home or in the community?

In my weekend reading, I ran across this Parable of Personal Accountability that I want to share with everyone.

Brad is a young programmer. He has always wanted to be a video game developer, and figured that he was building a good ‘knowledge base’ by spending countless hours learning about (and playing) video games, all through high school. When he got to college, he took the advice of his counselor and started getting his base course work out of the way. These courses helped him brush up on math and other areas that are prerequisites for computer science, and eventually programming courses and internships, just before graduation. But Brad had already spent years preparing to be a programmer, right? He found it difficult to attend unrelated courses, when it was taking time away from his real-life experience with video games.

As you can imagine, as fall turned to winter, his grades suffered, and by spring Brad had dropped out of college. He was determined to make it on his own. He showed some resourcefulness by contacting numerous companies, and eventually ended up getting an entry level job in customer support.

Still, he knew that he was destined for -even deserved- a much better position, so he didn’t enjoy talking to the customers or answering their beginning questions. He eventually was fired for being unable to deliver the level of support that the company required. As you can see, Brad’s success was undermined by organizations and people who couldn’t understand his passion and determination, right? Wrong.

Brad has left his success up to others, to the environment, to chance, and to fate. Are you accountable for what happens in your life?

The Moral of the Story

While it’s true that we can’t control everything, we still can be accountable. Here is how it works: If you believe that success is within your control, you will have more of it. It’s that simple. Let’s take Jenna and Greg. They are both middle school teachers.

As Jenna leaves the house in the morning, she already feels defeated. She feels that nowadays, students are out of control, don't have any desire to be smart, and come to school to socialize and disrupt instructional processes and routines. Also, she feels that parents don't do their jobs and don't support teachers when they try to help. Greg, on the other hand, knows that he has the world on a string, because he has a deep sense that his success is dependent upon his own behaviors and actions, regardless of what is happening in schools which is a microcosm of what's happening in society. He realizes that in order to maximize his influence, he must connect with as many students as possible, build a lasting relationship with them, design and facilitate deeply engaging lessons, and make learning stimulating for learners.

The kind of unyielding vision of personal accountability will carry you through. Greg chose to have a successful day, so he will. The good news is that Greg’s attitude is available to anyone, even you. Both Brad the would-be programmer and Jenna the down-in-the-dumps teacher have decided that outside conditions will determine their success, and so it will.

Here Is Your Part

Learn to let go of the frustration, resentment, and disappointment you may feel when your decisions don’t result in success. At times you will be to blame, and need to accept that you were off the mark. On the accountability continuum, you must identify where you stand.

Your determination in advance that all will go well and you will succeed, regardless of outside forces, is what makes you the leader or expert that you already have become, and ensures that you will continue on your path to even greater success.

“People who live at peace with themselves and are fulfilled, at ease, and successful have a different definition of accountability. They believe: If it works I’m responsible, and if it doesn’t work, I’m accountable.”

Where do you stand on the accountability continuum? Please click here and respond.

To the Next Level,

Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S., Principal

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