Stop Water Pollution!

Learn about Water Pollution!

What Water Pollution Is!

Water Pollution is the dirtying of water. When dirt,trash,and chemicals enter the water it pollutes the water creating water pollution. Water Pollution can harm or kill animals such as fish,frogs,and birds etc... Water Pollution can make our water supply unsafe to drink and spread disease among people.

What Causes Water Pollution!

Agricultural waste is a cause of water pollution. Manure,liquid and granular fertilizers,silo liquids and pesticides are a form of agricultural waste. Some of the waste gets directly washed into bodies of water and, the rest eventually makes its way into bodies of water.

Uncontrolled development or careless farming increase the risk of erosion which ruins waters. The process of erosion degrades the water bank, dumping pollution and (or) dirt into the water which negatively impacts the water supply. All of these are pollutants and these are the causes of water pollution.

Help Save our Waters!

Laws on Water Pollution!

Laws on our public water supplies helps keep it safe from being polluted. In some countries sewage must be treated before released. Most of it's chemicals has to be released.

Solutions to Water Pollution!

We have to save our water! Some solutions are (most obvious one) not to litter!!! Another Solution is to help clean up our water supply. Also don't litter yourself.

Please Help!

People are just dumping their waste in our water their water. We have to put a stop to it NOW! Please help the cause if not for me for the waters.

Don't Kill The Water

Due to all that as happened it's surprising that the waters are still here still alive!

Clean Water Looks Like This

Are water should look like this! But it doesn't because you destroyed it. I'm not saying I am a water god but, it needs to stop.