Salem's Lot by Stephen King

Zachary Daily


In the year of 1975 a Vampire makes his way into the tiny town of Jerusalem's Lot, in Maine. As the story progresses he transforms many of the towns people into vampires by biting them. This was a chain reaction as the others who were converted then started bring others, turning them into vampires. This caused the town to consist of almost all vampires. When two me kill the head vampire it leaves the town full of vampires. Ben Mears, the main character, is a writer who moves to Jerusalem's lot. Ben takes interest into moving into a so called "haunted house". The house is known because of the suicide and homicide that occurred inside. When he goes to try and rent the home he finds out it already sold. Ben enters the town right before the vampires attacked. There were only a few people that recognized the problem in the town. Ben was one of them, the others included, Priest Father Callahan, a school teacher Matt Burke, Dr. Cody, and a little boy Mark Petrie. These characters were the ones who realized the problem and tried to stop it before it was totally out of control.
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Main character

Ben Mears, a middled aged writer.Ben is a tall, dark haired, lanky character, the author describes him as having "finely drawn features". Furthermore, Ben is well recognized by many for his writing. He grew up in Jerusalem's lot, and returned in hopes of being able to write a new novel. Ben is a very smart man and thats part of the reason for his writing success. Ben was able to stay calm when things went bad in Jerusalem with the vampires. Thats why the priest reached out to him for help. The plan was to try and stop the spread of the vampires, because once someone was bit they became part of the "living dead". Ben faces the conflict of not becoming part of the "living dead" and also helping to stop the spread of it.
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Throughout the entire novel the main theme was belief. obviously there were two sides, you either believed or you didn't, that was vital to survival for some characters. Belief serves as "protection" for some characters, but it also led to the downfall of others. The characters the believed in the actual existence of the vampires and the ways to fight them off survived the longest in the novel. This is why the theme of 'belief' was important.

Setting was very important in the novel, because the main character Ben grew up in Jerusalem and made his way back in adult hood to write another novel. Also because of the homicide and suicide in the Marsten house, this one one of the reason Ben made his way back because he tried to rent the home, in hopes it would ignite something in him to help him write another novel. So the house in the story had a big role in the novel.

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i enjoyed the book, although it was very long. Early on the development of the story took long. As the story progressed it was a page turner.Many times there would be a stretch of a few chapters that just kept you reading. Stephen King is well known for most of his great work and tho novel truly shows how good some of his work really is. King is great at helping the reader portray a clear image of what he is trying to explain. I would recomend this book for any young adult or adult reader
Salems Lot - Face the Master (Best Scene)