Note-Taking Tips

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Notes Are Life-Savers

It's always a good skill to know how to take notes, whether because you're going into college or into a job, there will always be things that you will need to remember. There are many different strategies, find out which works best for you.

Here's also a website where you can explore different resources to help you take notes! Learn from the experts!

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Audio Learner Tips

Auditory Learners | Note Taking & Study Methods

Visual Learner Tips

Make Key Information Pop!

There are a number of ways to do this, printing your notes and highlighting, drawing pictures, or mind maps!

Cornell Notes may help a lot, check out my example below.

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Tactile Learner Tips


You need to be moving and doing something for the information to stick. Try chewing gum while you study, or do push-ups or jumping jacks while doing the assignments. Flash cards are a good go-to, there are many free flash card makers online that you can use:




Vocabulary Notes

Here is an example of what you can do with vocabulary words. This method is perfect for all types of learners!
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