Zolar Laser By Elpis Dental

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Zolar Laser By Elpis Dental at very economic price.

  • Available in 3 & 10 Watts.
  • Touch Screen Color Monitor with password protection.
  • 22 preset treatment programs.
  • Facility to create, modify new/old programs.
  • Wireless foot control.
  • User friendly software for more precision and faster surgery.
  • Long hour battery back up.
  • Built up tutorials for first time laser users as guide for efficient usage.
  • 3 Years Warranty.
  • Package: Laser Unit, 3 Safety Goggles, Spool fiber/multiple tip fiber, fiber tips, Hard Carrying case.
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For booking call +91-7709694185 or mail info@elpisdental.com

Higher compliance due to laser technology

•Treating with nearly no pain

•Mostly blood-free treatments

•Less anesthesia

•Mostly out patiently

•Shortened down time of the patients

•Decreased risk of thrombosis

•Particularly suitable for patients with problems of blood clotting

Zolar Laser Can be used in a wide range of applications like crown lengthening, Root canal Decontamination, bleaching, etc.

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