English I Poetry Project

Lauryn Pittman

Before the World Intruded

By Michele Rosenthal

Michele Rosenthal

Return me to those infant years,(A)

before I woke from sleep,(B)

when ideas were oceans crashing, (C)

my dreams blank shores of sand. (D)

Transport me fast to who I was(E)

when breath was fresh as sight,(F)

my new parts — unfragmented —(G)

shielded faith from unkind light.(H)

Draw for me a figure whole, so different(I)

from who I am. Show me now(J)

this picture: who I was(K)

when I began.(L)

**No Rhyme Scheme**


This poem has a pleading tone. The writer of this poem expresses there longing to be young again or to be the person they were before certain things had taken place by using words such as "Return me to those infant years", "Transport me fast to who I was", and at the end of the poem when Rosentlhal says "Draw for me a figure whole, so different from who I am. Show me now this picture: who I was when I began."


The theme of "Before the World Intruded" is that sometimes going through life and living in this world changes us from the person we use to be. The author began this poem stating that they wanted to go back to their infant years when they had many ideas and probably more of an imagination than they do now because they have grown older.


Washington Allston

AH, then how sweetly closed those crowded days!(A)
The minutes parting one by one like rays,(A)
That fade upon a summer's eve.(B)
But O, what charm or magic numbers(C)
Can give me back the gentle slumbers(C)
Those weary, happy days did leave?(D)
When by my bed I saw my mother kneel,(E)
And with her blessing took her nightly kiss;(F)
Whatever Time destroys, he cannot thi
E'en now that nameless kiss I feel.(G)

**No Rhyme Scheme**


"Boyhood" has more of a consoling tone. In the poem the author says "and with her blessing took her nightly kiss; whatever time destroys, he cannot this". What I interpret when he says this is no matter how much time goes by or what happens in this lifetime that memory of his mother kissing him goodnight as a boy will never leave him.


I think the theme of this poem is that even though we all grow old and experience changes in life we all will remember the good days in our past. At the end of the poem the author says how he can still feel his mother's kiss, that shows how much it meant to him and how that will stay with him forever.