Atlanta Falcons


Country U.S.A state is Georgia the city is Atlanta the longitude is 33.7550 N,84.3900W region south eastern Language that is spoken is English some Interesting facts about the eastern region is that Atlanta is the largest city in the eastern region.It is also the rated 4th funnest city in the eastern region.The oldest gorilla lived in the Atlanta zoo his name was Willie b.Some physical features are there are the blood mountains there is also over 12,00 large rivers in Georgia the Mississippi River runs threw there

The team mascot of the Atlanta Falcons is named Freddie the falcon.There nick names is the coons.The reason they named it that is because there are falcons in Georgia.
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The name of the stadium is the Georgia dome.The stadium has that name because it is located in Georgia and looks like a dome.the old name was prince de loen

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