water quality

by hannah roewart

water indocator

water has many quitles for one it has a very imporant algeg that eats all the bateria that is bad and the swege system is also very imporant because it has benn using the water system and the water system is also has a very high indacator of high sodium and chorline and it proces the water form goign bad or being harmed for the fish to swim and breed and live and go up strem.

dissolved oxygen

dissovleing oxygen is also very imporant because it has a low sodium rate it has one of the lowest somdim rates in the whole united states of the america.


ph is very imporant because it has a high qutiey and it is in very thing that we use from water to pools and oceans you name it its in it.


turbidity is very imporant part of water because it has a very high indocator and it keeps the water from going bad and it is in a system that has a very high sodium rate .


the tempure of the water can be cold warm or hot and it all really depends on how you get your water to be hot or cold .


nitares are very imporant because they have a very imporant indoarate and they have a very imopoarnat part of the water system .


biindcators are imporant to the water system because it has impornant effect on the inveremt.

pamphlet asthetics

pamphlet asthetics and why this very imporant is because it is the very last part of the water system and it has a very big part of the water system.