Animals & Pets Safety

By Kailee, Dana & Kayla 7th hour

How to be animal and pet safe

Although having pets is fun, you have to be responsible and keep them safe. Pets randomly eat strange things like knives, statues of Homer Simpson, wads of money, bullets, rubber duckies, and even your britches. Younger pets have been known to fall down stairs, off couches, and out of bed. Although we can find this quite adorable, (It's not we haven't seen a million videos on YouTube of surprised kittens and/or mentally unstable ferrets falling off something) it can seriously hurt the pets. Nowadays, people have started to pet proof their homes so that pets don't get into trouble that can end in numerous overnight veterinarian stays. By pet proofing your home, (and hiding your undies) your pet can stay safe, resulting in a lower number of those pesky, overpriced trips to the vet.

Things dogs have ate


  • 10,000 cats and dogs die each year from exposure to ethylene glycol containing antifreeze
  • Vet visits cost an average of $505
  • Approximately 100,000 dogs are killed yearly from jumping out of a mobile car's window
  • When not given all needed vaccinations, pets can die from numerous diseases like Lyme disease, rabies, ringworm, salmonella, herpes B, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and Kennel cough.
  • July 4th is the number one day for pets to go missing

How to keep pets safe in the summer

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Recap of the Video

  1. If they go off leash, remember a name tag
  2. Avoid the temptation to allow dogs to eat food that isn't made for dogs
  3. Thundershirts can help keep your dog calm
  4. Summer is flea and tick season, make sure they are protected
  5. Always keep dogs hydrated

What to expect when getting a new puppy

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