E-town Parent Connect

February 2013

PEACE... proving you care more about each other than about winning an argument.

This month, your child will learn more about the virtue of PEACE. When our relationships with others are broken, we can often find ourselves ignoring conversations, avoiding people and steering clear of those awkward encounters. Working on relationships can get messy and can take time. Peace is living in a way that shows you care more about others than being right. We can be thankful that God proved He cared about peace when He sent His Son to pay for our sins. Peace is a part of His character. Because Christ made peace between God and us, we should strive to let peace rule in our hearts too.

So... here is what we will dive into during February:

Feb. 3- Prove you care about others by walking away from a fight. (Isaac's Well; Genesis 26)

Feb. 10- Prove you care about others by letting go of "what's fair." (Jacob & Esau; Genesis 27)

Feb. 17- Prove you care about others by being a part of the solution. (Abigail Intervenes; I Samuel 25)

Feb. 24- God proved He cared for us, so we can prove we care for others. (Principle of Peace; Colossians 1:20)