John Qunicy Adams

by: Michael Boganowski

Before He was President

John Quincy Adams was born on in Braintree Massuchusetts July,11 1767.His dad was john Adams. he had one sister. Three important things about John Quincy Adams. John Quincy Adam's father died on July 4 1826. John Quincy Adams got his first job when he was ten. John Quincy Adams loved ice skating.
John Quincy Adams before he was president

During His Presidency

John Quincy Adams was president from 1825-1829. his wife's name was Louisa Catherine Johnsons. 3 Important things John Quincy Adams was on a mission to convince the French king to help him win America revolution. John Quincy Adams rides horse 9 miles an hour back to Boston to pick up his family's mail. He was a lawyer for one year and George Washington said he could be a president.

When he was president.