The Secret Bedroom


Story Elements

The Secret Bedroom takes place in a house that's haunted during the present. the main conflict in the story is that it is a new girl named Lea Carson and she moved to a new house and a new school. And she is the new girl at the school. And she has trouble already. The book begins with Lea entering the school and she is in lunch and she gets tripped by someone and her food falls on a girl named Marci.

Character Analysis

The main character is Lea. Three words to describe the main character are brave, crazy, and cool. The character is motivated by when she hears something she goes after it. i like the main character because she is a brave girl that might get scared of things are happening in her attic. The relationship between Lea and Jenny is Both worried of they're surroundings.


The theme of the novel is beware of your surroundings. One example that supports the theme is Lea has trouble at her new school. Another example is Don is a liar. And Don stood Lea up. Don is with Marci hanging out. Don asked on a date and Marci was there. A final example that supports theme is Lea get out the lunch line and get tripped and her food falls on Marci.


My rate for this book was 8 because it is not that interesting as the last R.L. Stine book read. My connection can relate to teens because these stories are connect to teens.