Language Arts Loop

Your News For What's Happening in Room 404! - December 9

Reading News

This week we will continue to examine expository text. Otherwise known as, informational/nonfiction text. The students have learned to identify the first expository text structure: descriptive. We are adding sequential text structure this week and the key words that readers use to identify that structure. Some of those words are: at first, next, last, before, after, finally and following. Students will continue to add graphic organizers and text examples to their reader's notebooks as reference tools. Towards the end of the week, we will use the sequential words learned to summarize the text in both oral and written form.

Writing News

As we continue to focus on writing a well-focused expository essay, the students will work to craft sentences from their supporting details of their topic. These details were originally recorded using a "sun web" but are currently being transferred onto the focus I we are using as the visual structure for expository writing. By the end of next week the entire structure should be complete with an expository introduction, full-developed body and an effective conclusion. The students are writing about their favorite team sport.


As some of you may have concluded, there is a change coming in the way of spelling lists and tests for your fourth grader. This change will be fully implemented and well explained after the break. Until then, the students will continue in their study of Greek and Latin roots. Some students are still catching up on the root cosm. From there, they will move on to study the root: cracy. There will be an open note quiz given this week on all roots studied thus far.

Reminders to Parents

  • December 10- Show Choir Field Trip (8:30-2:30)
  • December 12- Poet/Author Visit (9:30-10:30)
  • December 16 - First Grade Program (9:00)
  • December 17 - Spelling Bee Finals for Classroom Winners (Rachel M. & Hana H.)
  • December 18 - School Wide PJ day, Glorious GATOR Celebration for those students meeting the behavioral expectations, Show Choir Performance (10:00)
  • December 19 - Holiday Party, Early Release (12:45)


Wow!! What an amazingly busy week we have had thus far. Some things have been out of my control, which has resulted in the students' reading logs not being sent home for this week. I am planning to send this home tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. The reading log has been updated to include some questions that must be answered using expository text. Thus, students will continue their reading of expository text at home. It is not required that they read expository text every day, but 3 of the 5 days will be expected. Also, the students will have until next Wednesday, December 17 to complete and turn in their reading log.

We have a fun Holiday party planned for Friday, December 19. Please see the note that will be coming home on Wednesday for the items needed to help our party be a success. If you have questions about this please contact me. This is such a busy time of year, your positive thoughts for our successful days are MUCH appreciated.