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June 16, 2023

Farewell 4th Graders!

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Thank You!

Dear GES Families and Friends,

This is my LAST newsletter to all of you! I am so honored to have been the principal at GES for the last nine years. It has been such a wonderful experience full of so much joy and happiness. I am incredibly proud of the community we have built together here at GES. From our amazing teachers to our supportive families to our wonderful students, I can honestly say that GES is the BEST elementary school in the ConVal district! Thank you all very, very, very much for your support over the years. It's been an amazing journey learning and growing with all of you. I wish each and every one of you the best as you begin the next chapter. On to the next adventure we go! Have a wonderful summer!

Before I go, I am happy to share a little more news! We are thrilled to wish Mrs. Goodspeed and her husband John congratulations on the impending arrival of their first child in January 2024! Mrs. Goodspeed will not be returning to GES next year and will spend the fall getting ready for her bundle of joy! We will miss you so very much and hope you'll come visit with your baby next year! Our new principal will share information about the new 2nd grade teacher with you all soon.

Thank you all so very much. I hope to see you all around and I will be sure to stop in and visit GES!


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4th Grade Celebration

We bid farewell to our 4th graders at the end of year celebration on Wednesday evening after their wonderful performance of Pirates From Grammar Island. It was a bittersweet goodbye for all of us. Lots of laughs, tears and smiles all around! We wish them all the best of luck as they head to middle school next year! We are so proud of you! We will miss you all!
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Pirates From Grammar Island!

Mrs. Cook's 4th grade class performed the musical Pirates From Grammar Island for families and friends as part of their 4th grade celebration. They have been practicing their lines and songs since we got back from April vacation and the show was a hit! This year's performance was top notch, with perfectly timed lines, loads of laughs, perfect pitch, sweet singing and lots of smiles!
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Woohoo! What a fun field day we had yesterday! Thank you Mrs. Parker, for all your hard work planning and organizing such a great day for everyone! Thank you to our family volunteers for your time and energy all day! Thank you to Mother Nature for the warmer temps and on and off sunshine all day! Thank you to Southwest Airlines and Mr. Cook for letting us borrow the snow cone machine! What a great way to end the day!
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The GES PTO is in need of new members! Wondering how you can help? There are lots of opportunities to support the PTO and our students and teachers! The PTO provides financial and volunteer support for incredible enrichment activities and events for all our students each year. We have several fundraisers each year, including the annual Fall Mum and Spring Flower sales, Read-a-Thon, Pizza and Holiday Gifts.

Activities like this year's Circus Residency, last year's NHDI Dance Residency, STEM days, Art Days and Field trips are all possible due to the PTO fundraising and support. We can't provide these enrichment activities without their help!

Is the day and time of meetings what is keeping you from joining? No worries! They are flexible and open to changing the day and time to meet the needs of more families! Maybe meeting right before or after school works better! They can meet most any day! Would an online option work better for you? They can do that! Is the monthly meeting too much of a commitment? They are open to trying something different and meeting fewer times each year! Did you know they provide FREE childcare during the meeting?

Wondering what the PTO Officers do and if your skill set might be a perfect match? Check out the job descriptions:

President-responsible for running all meetings and coordinating the work of the officers and committees.

Vice-President-supports the President and performs the duties of the President if they aren't available.

Secretary-takes meeting minutes to share with the greater school community, creates the school directory, meeting agendas and conducts any necessary correspondence.

Treasurer-receives all money from fundraisers, keeps an accurate record of receipts and expenditures and makes payments and reimbursements. Provides a financial statement for each meeting and provides records for tax purposes.

Please consider joining the PTO and continuing the amazing work they have done over the years. Email our current PTO President Ashley Wadleigh at or Karen Paul at and let them know that you are interested in joining the team. Meetings will resume next fall, so be on the lookout for more information then!


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