Preventive Care-Reproductive System

Sarah West


Mammograms are used to screen for Breast Cancer. There are screening and diagnostic mammograms. They are used for women. Females can benefit from regular mammograms around the age of 40. Women should get regular screenings, about one a year.

Pap Smears

Pap Smears are used to determine if there is anything wrong with a girl's cervix. They can be used to determine things like infections or abnormal cells that can develop into cancer. This test is only for females. Once a girl turns 21 she should begin to have regular pap smears. Most girls get pap smears every 1-3 years; although, some people may need to be tested more frequently.

Testicular Exams

Testicular Self Exams are used to find unusual lumps in a testicle that can lead to Testicular Cancer. This test is only for men. A male should begin performing these tests around the age of 15. These should be performed every month.

Prostate Exams

This test is used to look for signs of Prostate Cancer. This test is only used in men. It is recommended that a man gets tested around the age of 40. Men should get tested every 4 years, but men over the age of 50 should get tested more often.