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Sales CRM

Sales CRM

LeadMaster Australia is a leading Online CRM provider and inside Sales Services in Australia and Asia Pacific. Our CRM business solutions are designed for any company, regardless of size or industry.

LeadMaster was founded in Australia in 2004 to distribute the LeadMaster CRM software solution to the Asia Pacific region.

LeadMaster operates around the globe with a team of experienced sales & marketing professionals operating in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, USA and UK. Our operations extend to Asia Pacific, North America and Western Europe.

We sell Revenue Growth Management solutions for business leaders who don’t have the necessary sales & marketing operations teams. We do this by bringing together software with business best-practices and managed services. Unlike tools and technology from independent software vendors (point solutions), we unify marketing, sales and service behind your revenue goals. This results in faster, more predictable growth.

We operate in two main fields: Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Service Revenue Management (SRM).

The SFA business uses web based SFA and CRM tools to help B2B sales teams improve their ability to successfully manage their Revenue Growth.