About the Royals

Baseball is a sport that has been around for over a hundred years. Not only that, my family loves baseball, especially the Kansas City Royals. In my lifetime, I have seen the Royals play in the World Series twice. This year, they won the World Series! It was cool to watch the players celebrate and have all the fun they could ever have with their friends, family and fans. Even though some people doubted them, I knew they would still win. In this article, you will find out about how the Royals were invented, the coaches, and the players of the 2015 team.

Who invented the Royals

The Kansas City Royals have been around since 1969.That was 46 years ago that is not a long time. Also the Royals are a big fan of my family and me.We love the Royals LET’S GO ROYALS (CLAP CLAP WOO). It’s also an American Royal name which meant. A livestock show, horse show also rodeo, held in (Kansas City). Also the the Kaufman stadium is named after a man named Ewing Kaufman. He was also the owner of the Kaufman stadium. Also the second baseman Frank White was a famous graduate. Also my grandpa knows Frank White because they both were really good friends they. Both tried out for the Royals at the same time. Frank White was the one who made the team all in all my grandpa did not make the team.

How many trditions do the royals have in one year

Now i’m going to tell you how many people can fit in the Royals Stadium. There can be at least 37,903 people. In one whole stadium that is crazy. That also involves like the day at the k and all also like buck night and the rest of them. If you are wondering what day at the k means well just listen so the day at the k is like a field trip for kids. Also they get to go to the Kaufman Stadium and see a royals game it sounds like lots of fun. Buck night is like when Kaufman stadium sells hot dogs for a $1.

The players of 2015

Now I’m going to tell you about the Royals players. Also I’m going to tell you there numbers and there names. Here you guys go starting with Johnny Cueto#47, Wade Davis#17, Danny Duffy#41,. Also Jeremy Guthrie#11, Kelvin Herrera#40, Luke Hochevar#44, Greg Holland#56. Don't yforget Ryan Madison#46, Michael Mariot#48, Kris Medlen#39, Franklin Morales#45, Yohan Pino#63. Also Yoroand ventura#30, Edinson Volquez#36, Ghris Yong#32, Drew Butera#9. Also Salvador Perez#13, Orlando Calixte#12, Christian Colon#24, Alcides Escobar#2, Eric Hosmer#35, Omar Infante#14. Also Mike moustakas#8, Ben Zobrist#18, Lorenzo Cain#6,

jarrod Dyson#1, Alex Gordon#4, Terrance Gore#0, Paulo Orlando#16, Alex Rios#15, Kendrys Morales#25. Those are all the the people and the numbers of 2015.

How many games have the Royals won

Now I’m going to tell you about how many games the Royals have won. So far the Royals just won the world series and now they are the champs. So back to how many games they have won they have won. Drum roll please 270 games that is a lot. Let’s give them a round of applause for their hard work and really good effort. For also winning the world series (let’s go Royals clap clap woo.)
Eric Hosmer and Salvador Perez Recount Their Royals World Series Win
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Eric Hosmer & Salvador Perez Meet Rapping 1986 Bret Saberhagen