Internet Safety

By: Cameron Taylor and Paige Varney

Ways Teens Can Decrease Bullying AND being an upstander!

People need to start doing things to stop bullying and be an upstander. There are many ways you can help. One way to be an upstander is if you see a kid sitting alone at lunch, go and sit with him or offer to have him sit with you and your friends. Also, if you see anyone being bullied, do not walk past them. Stop and stand up for the person and tell the bully to stop without being too rude. Also, if your friend, or anyone for that matter, is sad from bullying, comfort them and tell them it's okay. Tell them to stand up for them selves and that everything will work out in the end. Lastly, be an upstander and tell an adult if you or any one you know is being bullied at school or online. If you think that it will make matters worse, it really won't. Adults always want to help you and other kids to decrease bullying and make upstanders out of kids.

Online/Social Media Dangers

Social media is a very dangerous place. For one, pornography is very bad. Pornography is never okay, but child pornography is illegal and not good. If you are underage and post a pornography, you can go to jail for it. Fake accounts on the internet can be bad for two reasons. One, unknown people can cyberbully you. Two, you don't know who they are, and you may think you know them. The unknown person can try to meet you, then bad things can come from it. Never give out your personal information to random people because they can stalk you. People get stalked by strangers and it can lead to the person getting stalked may not even go out the house. Lastly, do not cyber bully and don't say anything on the internet you would not say in person. Cyber bullying is as bad as bullying in real life. Do not do any of these things that can get you in trouble or make you feel uncomfortable or sad.

Ways to Stay Safe Online (Social Media Tips)

There are many ways to stay safe online. One way is to not giving out any personal information, including your address, full name, passwords and phone numbers. By giving these type of things out strangers can figure out where you live and take you. They could also hack your accounts. Another way to stay safe online is to think carefully before posting a picture or video of you or a friend. You should do this because once you post something it isn't yours anymore. Most people can see that and they can take a screen shot of it and post it somewhere else. Another way is to not let random people follow you on social media sites. By not befriending people, you can make sure that your account won't have random people trying to ask for things that you shouldn't be giving out. Also, you can stay safe by not meeting people in real life that you have been talking to over the internet. Someone could just be faking being a teenage boy and actually be a 30 year old man. And then when you meet up he will probably try and take you. These are a few reasons how to stay safe online.